Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

Christine- Readings with Christine

christine~ At a young age, I had a sense of knowing. Thoughts and feelings that I experienced, seemed to come true. The more intense the feeling, the closer the event and more imminent the message would be. It began at the age of 5 and, at the time, I could not make sense of it. I could not describe it. I just had a sense of knowing things before they would happened and I must say, it was terrifying.  Visions, dreams and conscious thoughts would pop into my awareness where words were presented in black or red, thin or bold lettering indicating messages and in providing a scale of importance. Often times, I would keep these messages to myself due to fear of what people would think of me.It wasn’t until the age of 15, when a friend of mine and I went to a well known reader close to my home. I began telling the reader things that I had been experiencing. The woman told me that I was psychic and that I had a strong gift. She cautioned me and stated, that I must learn how to control my reactions! She warned that the messages that were being sent were often intense and explained that I was capable of getting both positive as well as grim images and messages.Well, she could not have been more accurate. Over the next several years, I predicted car accidents, engagements and marriages, fire, illness, relocations, pregnancies and travel. Therefore, over the last 31 years, I have honed my skills as a Tarot reader,a second degree Reiki practitioner and Life Coach. 

I look forward to assisting you.

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