Tarot Readings and Palm Readings


Years ago after I graduated from High School, I embarked on a journey with the military, Navy to be exact. I met my husband and we created a family.  We had two boys who are grown now and have families of their own. I worked many places and all types of work to help our family.  You may know military pay and benefits were never that high of an income. I became very proficient in administration, and the creative field, but I always knew something was missing. In 1994 my family had a terrible tragedy and my husband passed away. My sons and I immediately had to start a new life out of the military life, the only life we knew. I moved my sons and my three bulldogs back home to Colorado so my sons could grow up near my family. Then once again in 2014 my family had another tragedy; my father passed away. For some reason my father’s passing made me question the strength of my spirituality and found that I needed to strengthen my beliefs.  One day after my father’s passing, my mother heard my father’s voice calling to her from the other room.  She saw her favorite flower, a carnation, was moved from a vase to a hanging flower pot next to the vase. I started reading every book about Angels, books about people dying and going to heaven and back, real miracles and of course, The Good Book, the Bible. I have learned and am still learning how all this has healed my life. These last two years I have embarked on a new journey in my career, once again a new curve in my path. I prayed to God to please show me what he wants me to do, and I found my soul’s purpose! I became a Senior Care Giver!  This enables me to help older families enjoy their later part of their lives and help them feel the joy of their journey. I have a wonderful feeling I heal them in many ways as God’s instrument and my soul purpose. We are all one, there are no coincidences. People come in and out of our lives for a reason; they either teach us a lesson or we teach them a lesson. We help or heal each other in many ways.  We all have a soul purpose that is intertwined with each other, because we are all one. Blessings and Love to all

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