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Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

April 10 , 2014

The conundrum of free will and destiny has always kept me dangling.  William Shatner

…theology believes that God gave man free will, and you can’t give somebody free will and then send in a play from the sidelines. Roger Ebert

God, our genes, our environment, or some stupid programmer keying in code at an ancient terminal – there’s no way free will can ever exist if we as individuals are the result of some external cause. Orson Scott Card

Someone, somewhere, sometime in ancient past, long ago before even the Reformers, The zealots came to change the whole world to the ideas, the thoughts, these religious leaders wanted to teach the pagans, came up with the idea of free will.    Yet as we study more different theologies, different ways of listening to the gods, the goddesses, the spiritual world, the whole of the universe, we must laugh at that thought of “free will.”   Think if we will, in reflection, in meditation, in longing if we are truly living with free will, or would we really have chosen the paths we are on right now.   Then there is a choice we made, oh yes, we can make stupid choices that take us right back to the path we are set on, yet we make it harder on ourselves than the whole situation needs to be.  We, as humans,  are under the bold theory that we are left to our own defenses.  Oh please, dear universe, dear heavens, we don’t even want to be left to our own wisdom, our own understanding, our own decisions.  Oh my, I don’t even like all the different choices of ketchup on the grocer shelves!  Or TV shows!  Thank the goodness, we really don’t have to make our life purpose choices, or the path.  We need to choose our will to have the Will of the path we have been given before our birth.  Some crazy programmer in the Other side, is keying in our codes, our threads are woven by the fates to lead us where we are.

Animal totems:  Butterflies:  I know we have talked about butterflies before but I dreamed of a huge field of butterflies last night.  This totem the wonderful thing about these beauties is that transformation comes to beauty after being in the dark cocoon for so long.  For a long time, sister butterfly is a caterpillar. Here she is as the fool in the tarot. Youthful, eating, playing in under Father Sol, growing fat, happy, without any responsibilities, she is as we, not paying attention to the spiritual world, the future, but just being where we are. Then the darkness comes, a time of complete stopping of the dreams.  Yet after the dark, comes the beauty, the freedom to fly toward Father sol, to glimmer off the light from both the world and the Other side.

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