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April 14, 2014

You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity. Epicurus
The friend in my adversity I shall always cherish most. I can better trust those who …helped to relieve the gloom of my dark hours than those who are so ready to enjoy with me the sunshine of my prosperity. Ulysses S. Grant
The young woman in front of me cried sobbing tears.  She truly couldn’t understand why SHE, no one else ever had to go through these things, what had she done that she deserves such punishment.  Yet the story was no different than centuries of people sitting in front of their seer, their spiritualists, their leaders.  On GMA, this morning Ms. Robin Roberts, who has been through so much hades in the last few years just said, ‘ Everyone has their something to bear.” See, the darkness has a way of finding the very thing, the most important thing to our hearts, to use to stab us, to convince us that we are not loved by the gods, the universe.  We all have our something, perhaps our kids, perhaps our looks, that guy, that lady, marriage, riches that seems to weigh on our hearts because we haven’t achieved  the dream yet. But we must remember that if we are handed every thing right this minute, the minute we demand the goal, we most often as humans don’t appreciate  the very thing we thought we just had to have.  How many times the guy, the lady shows up, coming forward, we start immediately finding fault, wanting changes, wanting more, more until we have cracked our cups of life.   Bitterness from the past events, unable to forgive, we are not ready for this thing to manifest.   Oh, but Deb, we’ve learned all our lessons, we don’t want or need any more spiritual lessons.  Funny, every day something smacks my 60 year old life in the face with yet another lesson.  As well as most often, we turn against the very ones who are there for us, helping, trying to do the best to support us, when something is said that we don’t’ want to hear, or like.  I, myself, am so fortunate that the most highs of the universe have brought such special friends, advisers, help in my life.  Determined to fight the natural impulse to lean on my own understanding, we all need to think, rethink, see why we are in the middle of the storm, only then our dreams will come.
Animal totems:   Lizard-   In my researching my new book deb’s den of animals totems, I find interesting information about Lizard.  His eyesight is amazing.  He sees sharply in bright colors everything.  We wouldn’t think that as lizard seems to live in the dark recesses, only coming out of the shadows to lie sleepily in the sun on a rock.  Yet Lizard comes out in the bright light to dream his dreams. His medicine reminds us that only coming out of the darkness, the adversaries, into the bright light of Truth, can we achieve our dreams.
I am off this morning to meetings.  I will be on this evening as usual.  May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Cidro, Frankiecapone, sugar Fortune cookie, T and the sweet Spirit of Bob and Bets.

Moonzies preferred friends:   We are in Holy Week.  For most faith systems, this is the week of miracles, rebirth , renewal.   I am doing a semi fasting not only for my own needs this week but for each person I have shared with.  This means due to health stuff, I don’t eat until 2 pm so I can spend much time in our meditation , healing, affirmations.   We are heading in Pagan Blood Pink Full Moon celebrations of Venus the goddess.  We are heading into Jewish Passover, We are heading into Christian Easter! wow. what a great time.  To honor this, Moonzies has some great offers.
1.  Pink rose quartz tumbled 2″ semi precious stone is only $5. plus I will send you a personalized water color pencil drawing of the goddess or god of your choice, for FREE! drawn by me personally deborahmills signed and authentic.  I have drawings, painting in doctor’s offices, and in homes .  This one is just my first draft, I’m working on background and outfit. I think Venus would actually wear a little less.! lol
2.  another offer I am giving my preferred friends, who LOVE my products but can’t afford them.  Get me an order on soaps, candles, body mists, dog treats, from friends and family and you either get your order of up to $25 free or I’ll give you 10%  commission on the sales. We can always use extra money.  you can do this for any products but ! I find keeping it to a few items doesn’t over whelm.

Each person is awesome! ready to get things going.  blessings and much love today! let’s rock this week.

Ah Venus, Roman Goddess of love. Venus is the balance of light and dark about love. She is highly loving, kind, giving, but in a bare minute, can become jealous, haughty about love relationship. She is the deity that many come to for fertility as well as prosperity as well. She is of water element , and rules the moon which is well known for its softer romantic light. Born out of sea- foam, she just became an entity, a deity of light, of love. There are many rituals of Venus. Her lover was Mars which is why there are many fights between the venus energies and the Mars energies. Feng Shi interpreters do not introduce into a room Venus’ items next to Mars! During this week of the Pink Full Moon, Venus favorite color, and a gentle love color, we are including a handcrafted drawing of The lovely Goddess to hang on your Vision board for free! with orders of the rose quartz! good for gentle love drawing, keeping ourselves calm and healed.

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