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april 27,2014

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. Zig Ziglar

There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? Robert Kennedy

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. Michael Jordan

The question is always why is the universe, the gods, the Most high making us wait on the situation, the love, the dream. After all, we would have never come up on this idea, this thought all on our own. So if the spirit is in this goal, then why the heck are we waiting so long, there has to be a reason. After all, he/she, this other person, we are waiting on, MUST have some reason that we are being ignored, battled, downright refused to get the dream going. So since this goal is so hard, we are wrong in the idea that we should stay on this path. So okay, let’s just give up. Let’s just quit. Yes, we are sure that is the answer. Let’s just give up on the whole idea, because really, this path is just too hard. I’m quite sure this thought process is what spirit is waiting on anyway. We get this dream, spirit wants to see if we have the fortitude after we get the goal, to maintain, to not desert later in the whole process. Realize more people get hurt after the prize is won, but the dream being wasted. We want him/her sooooo badly, but then we have the relationship, we want to change everything about the person. We want the fame of career, the prestige, then I’m often amazed at how many actors/actresses do everything possible to achieve popularity, then beat up the reporters, the fans, following them. Be careful what we wish for, we will get the answer. This is why we wait, until we are truly truly ready for the goal. Instead of complaining, WHY I am a good person, Why I deserve this dream, we need to see that the why has nothing to do with us. The whole of the universe, today, tomorrow even sometimes yeterdays are the reason WHY!

Animal totems:   Wolverine: In my latest book research, Deb’s Den of Animals, I realized I havent’ thought of Wolverine in a long time. In Michigan this is the state animal. The amazing thing about wolverine is his persistence. His name is also glutton. This name tells us that much about his medicine is passion for life, a glutton to get what Bro Wolverine wants, as well as a glutton to enjoy life, no matter what gets in the way. This totem has been known to kill a bear, in defense of his path.   His medicine is to keep the secrets of all the universe as well. Brother Wolverine tells us to not give up, not give in, to never quit until we achieve the dream

I am off this am again to take my mother to her worship. I am coming home to get some products done to ship on Tuesday, then I am going to be answering paid emails first, then will answer all other emails. The special today for paid email readings is 5 questions for $4. Don’t miss out of this, as this is only for today. The cost will go back up tomorrow as this is a time thing for me, not a money thing. Today I am free to answer these, Usually my day is busy. Each person is important to me. May the fairies dance around each of us today . love ya, Me , Cherokee, Cidro, FrankieCapone, Sugar Fortune Cookie, T and the sweet spirit of Bob and Bets.

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