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April 9, 2014

 I peeked in to say goodnight And then I heard my child in prayer Send for me some scarlet ribbons Scarlet ribbons for my hair.All the stores were locked and shuttered All the streets were dark and bare In our town no scarlet ribbons No scarlet ribbons for her hair. Through the night my heart was aching Just before the dawn was breaking.  I peeked in and on her bed  In gay profusion laying there  Scarlet ribbons, scarlet ribbons Pretty scarlet ribbons for her hair.If I live to be a hundred  I will never know from where Came those lovely scarlet ribbons – Jim Reeves

Our dreams come to us from the spiritual world.  Deep within our hearts, our souls, our energies, we dream the dream given to us by the gods, to share with our physical realities.  Yet we try, we strive, we keep working toward these dreams, making mistakes as we feel we have to do something, anything, to make the dreams manifest, to come true.   As this father did, he ran into the dark, unafraid, without any hope, any light, to find ribbons that he would never find in that era at night. Now we could run out to Wally world, or another 24/7 store but when this song was written, the streets rolled up at dark.  People went home, to families, to love ones, to have time to rest, to meditate, to spend in reflection, to find the simple inner faith of a child to be honored.  Often times we are so busy yelling at the heavens, WHY am I waiting so long?  When the answer is right there all the time.  The miracle is waiting to happen.  We have to find the way, scramble, grabble, argue with our own doubts, our own fears, to overcome, to go back to this simple time of faith, of childlike belief.  Our lovely child in this song, had no doubt. She went to sleep in full faith that what she longed for would come.  Her adult, mature, father ran around not believing enough in the Most High to do this. Out of the innocence returns the faith, out of the truth comes the answers.

Animal totems:  Ribbon Snake:  Kingdom: Animalia  Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Reptilia Order: Squamata Suborder: Serpentes Family: Colubridae Subfamily: Natricinae Genus: Thamnophis Species: T. sauritus  – Bro Ribbon Snake slips through the grass quietly.  His totem is not aggressive although he does know how to strike out, to coil, when he needs to protect.  Long before the man showed up, he was brave, but as man began to take over the garden, his medicine is to quietly retreat in meditation , in prayer in affirmation, being sure that his needs will be provided without working.  He can live in both water, and on land, making his home close to water edges.  This totem teaches us we can turn to spirituality as snake is magick, transformation. Rebirth as he sheds the old skin to renew every year reminding us to transform, no matter what mistakes we make we can grow, change , renew our faith, our behaviors.

I am here my usual hours today. May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Cidro, Frankie capone, Sugar Fortune cookie , T and the sweet spirit of Bob and Bets. 

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