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Bee Bings

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken- winged bird that cannot fly. – Lanston Hughes I hold to dreams, the open hearted sailing into the clouds high above the glory skies. I hold to the dreams of the wonders of the birds that sing the bee that flies. No reason for these things to be, but often when we hope we see, the dreams that will always free to our hearts – deborahmills ©2019 I believe in dreams. Often times we dream dreams we believe are impossible, and then oh glory, oh wonder, the magick appears, the miracle begins and we can see happiness and joy the dream begins. Belief, faith, commitment with a tad of the magick of why bees can fly when they are aerodynamically not built properly is why our dreams will come true. Dream on, Dream big, Dream Animal totem; Bee: Bro Bee is a worker totem. The males, drones, are the workers, while the Queen sits in the hive having more bees. Bee according to science should be able to fly, but he does fly. Quite well in fact. His totem reminds us to work with magick and belief with the faith that we get our dreams Lady Moon is Waxing Gibbous. She remains in Virgo while Jupiter is still in retrograde. Jupiter in retrograde will let us know that social activities can go well if we pay attention to others. Use sandstone to get the “sand” out of our eyes so we can see the dreams easily I am off this morning as usual on Monday morning. I will return morning evening as usual. May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya,Me

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