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f4o, 57, a, Bee Buzz Sept 12, 2014 - Moonzies by Deborah Mills
Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

Bee Buzz Sept 12, 2014


Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. – Mahatma Gandhi

Bees fly, birds fly, we cannot. We are sure as people we are stronger than these small innocents, yet we cannot fly without machines, or some tool. Now in our minds, we can astral project, we can fly away in our dreams to some unknown place of peace that we can hide from the negativity of the world. We can seek the inner peace of the Most High Great spirit to find a calmness even in the midst of the storm. When the darkness tries to overtake our soul, creeping in silently to give us negative thoughts, harsh reality of the outside world, we can “will” ourselves back into a state of calmness, determining to not give up our dreams. As we get older, our physical body can let us down. Daily we struggle to overcome some knee joint pain, or perhaps just our hair won’t lay right for our big meeting at work! but yet our own thoughts about the situations will determine how we greet our day. my mentor used to tell me, ” if you have to push the dark away every 5 minutes, stop to push it away.” We have the will , the ability to determine to win over despair, over depression, over heartache. We can love without letting him/her hurt us. Yes, all people we love at some point will hurt us. Put the issue to the spiritual world. Determine to stay in a place of love, in peace, then allow him/her their own personal journey to come to the realization of truths. only our own strength can make us happy in the face of fear. Only our own strength can make us peaceful in the midst of pain. we are strong today. We have this indomitable will.

animal totems: Deborah in Hebrew is the Bee. Hardworking, steady, consistent, a member of the community first, rather than for individual purposes. Sister Bee carries the pollen from flower to flower to spread the sweetness, her medicine reminding each of us this is our task, this is our purpose, our calling for life. This totem doesn’t know how to do for self, as the main reason is to save the rest of the colony.

I am here my usual hours today. May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, me, cherokee, Cidro, Frankiecapone, Sugar Forune cookie T and the sweet spirit of bob and Bets.


Moonzies preferred friends:   As we know we are at the tail end of our year! Hard to believe.  Thanks to all of my preferred friends we have been able to expand into helping more people this year than last.  For the holidays, birthday gifts, we will show products that help with healing.   This week, I made this for myself but want to give everyone here the opportunity to know the benefits of these as well.


Moonzies healing pampered feet kit:  My 60 year old feet get so dry on the bottom as I tend to not wear shoes . planting our feet into the Mother earth is good for grounding centering, while our feet especially with spiritual people allow the messages to enter the soul.  All of Mother earth’s wisdom comes as we take care of our feet.  So although I get my mother and myself professional pedicures once a month, for maintenance, smooth healing feet. I made some organic, non- chemical products for myself.

the Kit includes:  1 ounce eucalyptus/peppermint bath salts

5 ounce jar of eucalyptus/peppermint sugar scrub to exfoliate the  dry dead skin.

2 ounce Moonzies foot moisturizing lotion with coconut oil and peppermint

1 pair booties to put on lotion then slip on the booties to help keep the lotion soaking into dry skin.


Directions:  Soak feet in warmer  water tub, with 2 tablesspoons of Moonzies healing bath salts about 10 -15 minutes until water cools.

Take the sugar scrub, massage into feet thoroughly getting all over feet.  Rinse off, cleaning every bit off.

Use lotion to cover feet fully, then slip the booties on while you watch tv , read a book, or even at night while you sleep.


You will find smoother , more healthy feeling feet.  Feet hurt? eucalyptus is good for sore muscles.  Feeling down, peppermint on the feet will zing you back up in spirits.  Great for birthday gifts, shower gifts, anniversarys, holidays, – $45.00 free shipping.!  yay!! this is will up on Moonzies by this afternoon with a picture. I’m still crocheting the slippers.lol! love ya


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