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beetlejuice - Moonzies by Deborah Mills
Tarot Readings and Palm Readings


We’re in the days of blackberry and watermelon wine, of roses, lilies and honeysuckle on the vine,  the scent of hot mist rising off the heated ground,  as Father Sol heats the world without a sound,  a dance of the butterflies in daisy fields, the harvest of crops from gardens that yield sweet corn, green beans and a hope for the day,  a happiness of peace and love on our way – deborahmills © 2020

As you can tell, I love summer.   The Fall is actually my favorite month but during the summer we all seem to come more alive.  The spring in our step, the positive light in our eyes, we can see more beauty and a hope for the light.   We get outside more, we are more active, sending more oxygen to our brain, clearing the cobwebs of winter out.  The light helps us see more clearly on problems .   the light helps us see our dreams more clearly to begin.  Dream on, Dream big, dream

 Animal totems:   Japanese Beetle:  Sister beetle loves our roses  But we don’t love her eating our beauties. She has a hard shell to protect her from the birds but blue jays and crows love her.  Keeps the ecosystem in place.  As well as the circle of life continues.  Her totem reminds us of staying consistent on our path to achieve our goals with the protection of spirit while her medicine shares to keep the circle of life going.

Healthy Hippie hints:  the best thing to do to organize our life is to make lists and schedules.  And a day to do things. 1.  Make plans like laundry on Sunday,  workout and garden on Mondays, ( in the heat of the summer we need to tend to these every morning early early due to the heat of the afternoon will get our produce ) Groceries on Tuesdays,  did we know that most groceries receive and start stocking their shelves better on Tuesdays.  2  do’t try to do everything in the same day.  But Deb, I only have 1 day off.  Yes but space things out, especially in summer. When we get hot and tired, there are more arguments, disagreements and just plain bad moods. 4  plan our day first thing, and try to stick to it.  Being late makes us feel late all day, again making for frustration and irritability. 5.  Allow ourselves to remember our plans aren’t someone elses plans so hmm.  Try to work with them with compromising.

I am here my summer hours this am. I will be stopping about 11:30 then returning this evening at 5:30 central time.  I did start at 7:45 this am so be watching early on Monday wed and Fridays. May the fairies dance around us all . love ya, Me

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