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I stood at the dawn watching the sun rise. Father Sun lit up with bright colors the bluing sky.  Clouds fluffy ones of white sailed slowly by as if boats on the sea with waves so high.  Reds, yellows oranges so bright came in with the new mornings light.  I knew as I saw these skies that the day would be good and I knew why,  There’s still beauty in the world as far as we can see, an3pm est. d even beyond where there is you and me, there is peace and lov e- deborahmills © 2020

There is a good day today coming. We can plan the whole day, have something mess up and we let it ruin the whole day.  We have 24 hours, at least 6 of which we hopefully sleep but sometimes life creates circumstances that keep us from the much needed rest. Rest is as important as doing. Quiet time, solitary time, and time to be silent to listen to the gods. We can chose when things go a bit haywire to fall apart, or we can chose to take some deep breaths, use our brilliant mind we were given, use our power and then solve the problems and continue our dreams. Dream on, Dream big, Dream

Animal totems;   Cat: The Domesticated Cat is a favorite.  The Witches totem “familiar”, sister cat has lots of magick.  In our own homes, she can disappear and we have no clue where she is, then suddenly there she is right in front of us as if out of a magician’s hat.  She is powerful in her legs.  Her eyes are made for her to see easily in the dark.  Her totem reminds us that we, too, can see in the dark places life can take us to find the answers, while her medicine shares we too can have magick

 Lady moon is Waxing Gibbous.  She enters Cancer the crab at 1:28 pm est.  Mars enters Taurus the Bull at 3:53 pm est.  Friday is Beltane the Celebration of Lovers. This is the day the Greeks, Romans, Celtics, many cultures celebrated love, marriage,  with great festivals and raunchy festivities.   Virgins chose their husbands and there was much music, revelry and fun.  Start building our May day pole tomorrow. Chose a good stout  long limb,  or  cut a round pole.  Set it up and hang multicolored streamers.  Dancers weave in and out around the pole interlocking their streamers symbolizing the interlocking of a marriage bond. 

I am off this morning on Monday as usual.  I will return in the evening at 5:30 pm central as usual.  May the fairies dance around each of us all . love ya, Me.

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