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ckh, je, ei, g, rey, wj, evi, l, Christmas day Dec 25,2013 - Moonzies by Deborah Mills
Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

Christmas day Dec 25,2013

(Reba McEntire) A Christmas Letter- At an antique desk   An old man sits alone  It’s Christmas Eve  And it’s almost time to go He signs his name to a letter he just wrote  Then he reads it back with a voice as soft as snow I want peace on earth for Christmas  In a world where there’s not one hungry child  They would hope and faith  Conquers fear and hate  All I’m asking for is a little more love Then he walks outside  And he climbs up on his sleigh  And calls out to his reindeer  Off they fly away Oh tonight he’ll make a million dreams appear  While he wishes that his own dreams would come true this year

Three dogs in the window sill, my cup of peppermint on the table beside me, Christmas morning has come.  Neil Patrick Harris dances through Disney World on my Tv, as I sit watching the parade.  So much fun, so much excitement, the peace seems to settle in my soul.  This morning as we spend time in reflection, in meditation, we come to appreciate the hope of today.  The past year has been filled with so much loss, so much pain, we have cried, weeping for our sadness when we have loved ones leave us, in whatever way their new journey begins.  As we head toward the end of this year though, I hope we reflect on the magick , the real magick of this day.  Rebirth, renewal, hope, can be born again in our heart.  See many believe this is the birth of the king, but what we often forget this King, was to bring a hope for renewal, for a new way, new beginnings, for hope for the Future.  One of my closest friends is Jewish. Hanukkah is the Festival of the lights, the rededication of the Holy Temple, which is symbolic for our bodies, for our inner being, our own light.  No matter what traditions we have, what our beliefs we have, this is the perfect time that the gods gave us to look back at our mistakes over the year, change our hearts, change the path to peace, to happiness.   Some we love, that hurtful, angry words, or feelings have pushed apart, at this time of year, we can renew, reclaim.  There will be some who don’t receive, but if we chose to do the right thing, we can go to sleep at night, knowing we have made the peace we need to make.  We are never really alone, we have the gods to walk with, to talk to, as we do our light shines to reach out of others.

Animal totems:  Magpie –  we often know of ravens, crows, hawks as familiars, as totems, as messengers from the gods, but Magpie is often mentioned in spiritual tales of ancient wisdom.  Sister Magpie helps us open up our metaphysical, or “psychic’ , spiritual gifts, as all of us have these tools.  We may not be the concert pianist of the gifts, but we along with sister magpie can have bits of all the spiritual gifts.  Using experience, intelligence wisdom, as well as always coming back to spirit to look toward our path, we can open the doors to the Other side, with spirit , with fairies, to look toward the future knowing that the past is the past. 

I am here today my usual hours.  I long to be with this family, giving some of the peace, the love, the happiness I have for the renewal of faith, of hope, of the future.  I am sending free minutes.  Listen, I don’t block people for free minutes usage, but remember it makes us all be hasteful in the reading as we try to cram stuff in the little time.  It can fluster both the reader and the seeker.  In the recent months, keen has had some major glitches.  Also since right near the name in reply emails is a button that says, block this person, mistakes do happen.  We do ask for respect for both the seeker, and the messenger.  Spirit often does things in mysterious ways that we as humans can never fathom.  Remember our advisors, we who do this everyday, have seen many strange and wonderful things that human eyes, human minds can never imagine could happen.  Dreams do come true, the way spirit does it isn’t always our way.  Our lives are important.  Being prepared is important,  give it the time, the reflection, the respect it deserves, rather than keep our negative, unhappy thoughts.  May the fairies dance around each of us today,  Love ya Me Cherokee, Cidro Frankie Capone, Sugar Fortune Cookie, T and the sweet spirit of Spongebob Squarepatches, and Betty Boop de Bop. 

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