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Time.  Time moves fast, but then again it can be slow.  Time gives us the ability to stop and grow.  There can be moments in time where it seems to stand still but other days we see it will change the way we see our day and in the time we can see of all the things we hope will be- deborahmills © 2020

There are times when the days seem to fly by, here we are at the mid summer the July already.  Yet there are moments like holding plank in yoga when a minute seems like forever.  Our perception of time Is our own and someone else’s perception is entirely different.  And with the universe and spirit, time is an entirely different ball game. And stretches out sometimes well past the 9th inning.  Yet we are ready when we are seeing our waiting time as the time to prepare and get ready rather than drudgery and wasted.  And in that time we can build our dreams. Dream On, Dream big, Dream there

Animal totems:  Crane:  the crane loves the water and will stand on one leg balanced for long periods of time  He dance and sing to get his mate   his totem reminds us that we can stay balanced while his medicine reminds us to keep fun in our relationships.

Lady Moon is waxing gibbous.   She remains in Libra the scales.   Use Lavender to keep calm. Llavender is good to help with sleep.  And in tea calming affects

I am off Monday morning as usual.   I will return again at 5:30 pm central time. May he fairies dance around each of us today >love ya, Me,

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