Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

moonzies:   I hope to share with you all this evening. from 5 -10 pm central time. Moonzies, DeborahMIlls is having a special for $3.00 off any appointment.  say you book 15 minutes for $30, @$2 per minute.  through credit card i will only charge $27.  if you pay through paypal, because of the system , i will give you the extra 5 minutes. 

astrology is a good way to know our fates ahead.   We are fated by our dates of birth, our time and place of birth.  Astrology charting not only gives us our own strengths and weaknesses but as well, gives us a clearer path.  Moonzies offers charting for only$40. 

Check out Kitryn – one of our life coaches.  An accomplished artist, she has a site for that, she teaches with spirit and wisdom of experience.  She’s so sought after, working with us, ( we are truly blessed ) on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, we must book with her a week in advance!!!   as well as Wed evenings vision board classes must be booked a week early.  We are thrilled to have Kitryn on our Moonzies Dream Team. 

i wasn’t well last night.  Please don’t feel ignored,  I am well rested, stronger, and pumped up ready to go today!! blessings and welcome to the Moonzies preferred friends:

I have in the past overly trusted people and was, in turn, let down by some. Since then, I have learned the difference between putting faith into people and blindly trusting them. Do Won Chang

I’ve only ever trusted my gut on everything. I don’t trust my head, I don’t trust my heart, I trust my gut. Bryan Adams

Sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war.  If you believe something strongly enough, fight for it.  In time, all things will fall into place – Lizbeth DeLeon

We know in our hearts, our souls, our minds, our vision for ourselves.  We know this dream. We love this dream.  We hold it close in our being for so long, yet the people, the dream , yes even the most High spirit we trust seems to let us down time after time.  Yet the goal is right there.  We see this dream, we feel this goal, the taste, the smell, the energy of the dreams is palpable for us.  We will keep going to our fate. We chose how we get there, but we will achieve the dreams given by the Divine great spirit.  Dream on, Dream big, Dream

Animal totems: Crow: Bro Crow is loud, bossy, grabby.  His totem is highly intelligent, knowing how to use tools to achieve the prize he wants to achieve.  His totem reminds us to use everything we can to reach our goals, while his medicine shares with us that we can grab on to the dream, hold on for the rest of time if we have to hold on.

Lady Moon is at 99% illumination waxing Gibbous with the  Full Blessings moon tomorrow.   She remains in Virgo while the 2nd house of finances, physical energies are in Virgo as well.  The Celtic Tree of this month begins honored today .  the Tree is Holly.   Holly we know usually at Christmas, but this reminds us of the freshness of bright red berries of Holly bringing boldness to our dreams

I am here my usual hours today.  May the fairies dance around each of us ya, Me, Cherokee, Frankiecapone, Sugar, Apache, Apollo, T