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qgr, t48, lbi, 7, 2, z0, m9a, b2, d, uup, x9, spq, 8u8, 1, p0, pdq, id, dm0, 2, c, daily tarot cards _ - Moonzies by Deborah Mills
Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

daily tarot cards _

Card for today:
the 9 of wands – the fire element, success, connection, building. This card depicts the man standing defiantly in front of the project he is building. He is almost done, has continued on his path to complete the project with love, and passion. There has been many obstacles along the way , but here we are, ready to finish up, with success. Now here at the last minute, yet one more obstacle comes into play . We have the one last test or challenge, then we will achieve the dream, the goal. WE are told to be resilient, strong and completely ready to win!
Goddess of fire: Hesta is the Greek goddess of hearth and home. She is the goddess of fire energy, yet she is one of the most gentlest of all the goddesses. She is the love that burns in our heart for family, for home, for stability. She is the Sister of Zeus. She is the Oldest of all the Olympians. although both Apollo and posidean wanted to marry her, she petitioned Zeus to be an eternal virgin so he allowed it, yet even so she is the goddess of domestic life, cooking, feeding the many.

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