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Dec 11, 2013

I always prefer to believe the best of everybody, it saves so much trouble.  ~Rudyard Kipling

Don’t be yourself – be someone a little nicer.  ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic’s Notebook, 1966

Monet, Cassatt, Pissarro, Degas,  when first began their careers as impressionists, the art created disturbances, scandal.  Realists, seemingly realists,  created artwork that seemed as if the artist portrayed the real person, yet the impressionsists showed what each one SAW in others not what everyone thought we saw.  In real life, we see what we want to see, we think of others what we want to think.  We hear rumours, we hear talk, so no matter how this person acts, or what he does in reference to us, we are so ready for our impressions to come from what we THINK we already know.  First people daily change, working on themselves to know that they are meant to develop, to evolve, just like we do.  Everyday we inventory, analyze ourselves to see if we can change making ourselves better people every day. The amazing thing so does he/she do this.  We can create quite a scandal, quite a stir when we try to change who others think we are.  Yet as with Monet ( one of my favorites) once used to the new, improved, we  kinda like what we see.  We can make the changes, we can become new, we can see in others what we would love to see in each one, in ourselves.

Animal totems;  Kangaroo Rat: Bro Kangy Rat teaches us many good totems about ourselves.  We can be shrewd, successful by savoring life, taking our time, figuring our who we are, rather than trying to be what everyone else thinks we should be, or trying to fit into the box.  His medicine is to try new things, rather than putting ourselves in boxes, or “all our eggs in one basket” .  He is the same as Pack rat, as he stores up everything for later, as well as using just what he needs for today.   The difference is pack rat HOARDS up, not sharing at all, while Kangaroo Rat just stores as squirrel. 

I am here my usual hours today.  I look forward to sharing with each person spirit sends my way.  May the fairies dance around each of us ya, My Cherokee, Cidro, Frankiecapone, Sugar Fortune Cookie, T and the sweet spirit of Bob and bets.  



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