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Dec 23,2013

At first I lived in black and white, the nights were dark, the days were light and in between there was a grey that hardly changed from day to day. Laughter sprang from shallow seas, my tears were trivialities. I walked on by and couldn’t bear the colors burning everywhere.  But then one spring the blue-bells tolled  of leaves in green and suns in gold, of hearts that pulsate ripe and red,  love burst in rainbows ‘bout my head!  (c)  1966, 2012  Betty Hayes Albright

In my youth, we lived for color.  I still love scarfs round my neck , if I had a decent waist around my waist of bright flowing colors.  Jewelry of semi-precious stones each one signifying different properties, colors that lift the spirits of ourselves, of others as we danced, swirled, sang in the streets.  The hippie era of the 60s and some of the early 70s preached love, peace, happiness with freedom of spirit.  Not being in the culture of drugs, or loose sex, I, myself, was often called, “ Jesus freak”, which believe me was considered a putdown, not a compliment.   Wanting to heal people to share inner peace, not much has changed for me in the last 30 years.   I have to often laugh, as one of the very young women who told me, If I couldn’t just be normal, not a “jesus freak” she would have to quit hanging around with me.  Karma got her. She’s a preacher’s wife! Lol.   As I started thinking about all of us, how we look at social media today, as we see people, “facts” right there, Deb, in black and white, I often long back for the days when color showed the auras, the spirits, the inner being of others, of ourselves rather than rigid, harsh black, white.  In art classes we learn not to use black or white.  The truth is that “realities” have so many different colors, so many differences to see, there isn’t much black, much pure white in the world.  So as we open our hearts, our minds, back to spirit, as we evolve into believing in magick, in hope, in possibilities rather than impossibilities because of black, of white we can see the colors in the world. We can see the blue bells, the golden of the sun, green leaves, hearts red with love, with passion for new ideas, for dreams. !

Animal totems:  Lynx is one of my totem. Many times in my spirit I shapeshift into Sister lynx as she keeps the lost of magick the lost of occult knowledge in her heart.  She guards, protects with her very being the secrets of the soul, of the inner being bringing back color to empty souls.  Her medicine is to see the visions of the heart, the soul, the secrets.  Sister lynx can see the fear, the anger, yes even the falsehoods that we all tell ourselves. She helps to lift out the “junk”  with a quietness to bring peace on the path. We can’t change the path, we can only make it easier. We often don’t see lynx, but she is there, patiently waiting as she is a symbol of Great Spirit.

I am off this am running around playing Grammee Claus today .  I will be here this evening as usual.  May the fairies dance around us all today. Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Cidro, Frankiecapone, Sugar Fortune Cookie, T and the sweet spirit of Bob and Bets. Love ya

MOONZIES PREFERRED FRIENDS:  This is one of my favorite blogs spirit had me write.  It makes me feel happy, ready for the holidays.    Over this year, many have asked me to help them with magick.  Then said oh well, its not working.  Yet, I know one young lady who asked for many different guys, so she could have a love, a settled life, and as we went through the year, she is now happily living with a wonderful man, her daughter with a steady, stable life.  I know a few women who started out with panick attacks, fear, unsure of where they are headed, and no they haven’t quite reached all their goals yet, but they are headed on their path, the same outcome, but the frequencies of panick, of fear, of anger are less and less.  Sometimes the dream, the magick works slowly so when we get the dream, the guy, the perfect job, we are balanced, ready to face whatever issues, problems may come up as well. This is the beauty of magick my friends, it works in all ways, not just Santa giving us what we want immediately.  

sometimes we aren’t ready to handle it quite yet.

You are my heart, my joy.  May these holidays bring you love, happiness, fairies and sugar plums.  love ya


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