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Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes. Hugh Prather

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing we call life = Prince

Being a runner means you are now ‘free’ to win and lose and live life to its fullest. Bill Rodgers

When reading our blogs, one will always know that we love the sun, Father Sol.  We bask in the light as the glorious beautiful blaze flows through our windows, even into the depths of our souls.  The new morning, the new day begins with such beauty, how can we doubt the existence of something more in our universe to guide, to guard, to give us even more beauty.  As we face this new day, our sorrows, our hurts of tomorrow will still show in the glare of his bright light, the truths that we win, we lose, but in each feeling, each moment, we live life to the fullest.  As we ask that darkness, negativity be removed from our lives, we open ourselves up to possibilities of the new morning.   Just when we believe life is this way, that way, all life changes!! Yay!! With our new day, our new morning!

Animal totems:  Dove:  When Doves cry(Prince) ,… there is a new day. A new journey, our Sister Dove is the symbol of peace.  As we leave the problems of yesterday, this totem is one of the first things we hear with the new rising Sun, Father Sol, to bring peace.  Her medicine reminds us of the purity of the ending of the old ways, to a glorious bright spot in the sun.

Lady Moon is Full tonight at 1:24 am.  This full moon is the wind moon, where april rains, winds bring May flowers. The winds of change bring the beauty.  Today is also Earth Day started in 1970.  Celebrate life, celebrate the new morning!! The dawn has come!

“I never meant to cause you sorrow. I never meant to cause you pain. I only meant to see you laughing.  I only meant to see you laughing in the Purple rain.  “ Prince –  RIP. We are thankful for your genius.

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