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earthworm inchworm inches Jan 11, 2015


Father Sol peeps over the horizon brightening the darkened sky. The colors stream from his face in bold touching birds that fly. Toward the golden light that beams to greet the day. As Lady Moon, pale face starts to gently fade away. In the distance, Whippoorwill sings his mournful song, of the needs, the dreams for which we long. Dawn has come, her beauty to behold . A new day is born, to shape, to mold. We’ve found the light, we’ve found the way , The answers come with joy to stay In Hope. – deborahmills ((c)2013 –51 poems of Spirituality

Here we are, the beginning of another new day. The hope of changes we need, we desire, we long for is found in this bright shiny new light. Yesterday is gone. The heartaches, the sadness we carried to our night dreams with us, in the bright light of Father Sol seem less frightening. In the light we can clearly see answers, ideas, the path becoming far less daunting than in the dark of the night when we see only shadows, edges creeping in to blur the sight. Today we are seeing a better day. Today we have to hope we need. Today is our day to find answers. Perhaps we will only get parts, or pieces, or bits of changes floating in. Yet slowly with the creeping of Father Sol’s dawn over the horizon, the colors peeping in. Slowing taking over the dark, slowly taking over the day, the Dawn has come, the day is born, the joy, the hope is here.

animal totems: Earthworm: Bro Earthworm inches slowly out of the dark ground out into the light of Father Sol. His totem reminds us to remember the past, learn from the past, but then to get rid of unwanted darkness, thoughts, ideas that are not helpful. We should renew each day. Bro Earthworm can be broken in two, but he grows more back. During his growth, his medicine teaches us that we can reshape the world, mother Earth around us as we move heaven, earth to fulfill the dreams. His medicine is to move slowly, even though through difficulties arise, new growth, new hope will come.

Readings : Why do we get readings? the adviser/reader is trained to guide, to listen, with one foot in the spiritual world at all times. He/she lives this lifestyle, understanding through our pasts,, our youths, our own times of darkness that empathy, compassion, listening to spirit rather than “logic””reason””reality” is not the answer. Yesterday’s reality is not today’s, today’s will not be tomorrows. We see this even with our technology, the universe, our lives. The Adviser/reader is here to share the miracles, the impossibilities of the Greatness of the universe, the Most HIgh. Listen carefully, take notes, date, time, then wait ( ah the hateful 4 letter word – wait) .

I am off this am to take my mother to her worship faith system. I will be on a bit earlier than usual today. i do encourage, and answer every email. If one doesn’t get an answer, please resend, this means i didn’t get it. (Technology we ust love it with positivity and hope ) . I am offering the 5 questions for $4 email readings this week. May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, Me, cherokee, Frankiecapone, T and the sweet precious spirits of my long gone Bob and Bets.



Moonzies preferred friends:  but Wait!! I know money is tight. We all had Christmas.  holidays,  So these are the specials this week:


5 questions for …….. wait for it….. $2.00 ! email reading –

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51 poems of spirituality – Book of poetry of Lessons of Hope – $10.00 + media shipping


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I haven’t heard from some of you for a while.  Write me! let me hear ! love ya bunches.


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