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Feb 14, 2014

Love is a symbol of eternity.  It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.  ~Author Unknown

We’re all a little weird.  And life is a little weird.  And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness – and call it love – true love.  ~Robert Fulghum, True Love

People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did, but people will not forget how you made them feel – Maya Angelou

Valentinus, a Roman priest , was imprisoned for marrying soldiers who were forbidden to marry, for ministering to Christians who were persecuted by Roman Law.  During his imprisonment, the daughter of his jail keeper, Asterius, was ill.  Valentinus healed her.  Before he was martyred, beheaded, for his “crimes” , he wrote this woman a farewell letter, signing, Your Valentine.  Over the centuries, we have celebrated this Saint, the Zealot, who was willing to give such great love by honoring our own loves.  This is as from centuries past until now, both a day of great love, as well as much great heartache.  Some say this is just a day for the Hallmarks of sales companies to make huge amounts of money, we should love everyday but sometimes we just need this reminder of where we are in life.  Life is so harsh,  the pace of life keeps getting faster, faster as we ourselves speed up, trying to fit so much into one 24 hour day. A day like today, causes us to stop, think about our loved ones, be in our spouse, our mate, our lover, our parent, our child, to just honor them. Yes, in reality , in a “perfect” world, we will remember them every day ,love them with all our heart, but in the day in day out of life, we often take for granted the ones we love, treating mere acquaintances, business associates, better than our beloves.  This day draws us up, smacks us in the face with the reality, “ I love this person” I need to give him/her love.  In giving love, we will receive love.   In giving hope, we will have hope.  In striving for our dreams, we will receive our dreams.

Animal totem:  Rooster –   Child of the Father Sol, the Sun, he is full of heat, passion, representing the sexuality  of life.  The chicken and the egg, represents life, love, fertility, new beginnings , the hope of life.  Bro Rooster makes us smile with humour, with a complete sense of optimism, of hope.  His medicine is one of great power, mystery to ancients, to our own inner power from goddess, from gods of the ancient wisdom. 

I am off this morning with some family stuff.  Life happens, deaths occur, leaving those behind with responsibilities, that must be attended to in order to carry on the legacy.  I will be back this evening as usual. May the fairies dance around us all today with Love! Happy V day. Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Cidro, Frankie Capone, Sugar Fortune Cookie, T and the precious spirits of my Bob and Bets.

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