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Feb 17,2014

He does not believe who does not live according to his belief.  ~Thomas Fuller

Few really believe.  The most only believe that they believe or even make believe.  ~John Lancaster Spalding

If I listened long enough to you I’d find a way to believe that it’s all true  … still I look to find a reason to believe – tim Hardin

Today as I thought about what I would write about, I knew that spirit wanted me to talk about believing in our dreams.  Then as GMA had Kimberly Williams = Paisley talking about her mother, she said, “ The pain comes from comparing who she is now, to who she was.  When I gave up the past, as really good memories, and accept, love her as she is now, I can lose the pain”. ( paraphrased)  Amazing.   So often, we really really want our dream, yet we cannot give up what he/she did in the past.  We hang on to what has happened before, oh we say we forgive, but we really have not.  We do not, we are right, in thinking that we do not, can not accept the way things were, but we have to allow the changes, love the changes.   Deb, he used to call every day 5 -6 times a day.  Yes, but the fact that now, he waits a bit, doesn’t mean he loves any less.  He is just not as fearful we are not going to last.  We really don’t want our dreams to happen out of fear.  She has started going out with her girlfriends again.  This doesn’t mean she loves us any less.  This just means she is comfortable to know she can do something nice with her friends, come home to share it all with us.  The more we try to cling to our dreams, the more we try to trap it so we don’t lose it, the more it tries to die.  We used to catch tadpoles,put them in a jar, being children we didn’t realize we had to still put holes in the top for air although the babies were in water.  Soon we lost the growing frogs, we had to learn to give them back the space needed, the air to breathe, only then we could have them in the aquarium at home to watch grow into great big healthy frogs.  We want our dreams to grow, to evolve, to become strong, healthy, yet we often try to trap them, hang on, instead of giving the dream the space, the air needed to change.

Animal totems:  Tadpoles : Frogs:  change.  Bro frog is a water, and earth element animal.  Although toads are completely different, as toads are earth element alone, making its home, its nest burrowed in the ground, frogs are capable of living, breathing in both water and land.  Bro Frog’s medicine is to allow changes, to grow, to evolve> his totem is about cleansing, as this totem loves the water, the rain, which cleanses the earth, the environment he is in, allowing the dreams to grow.  He cleanses the old junk, keeping what is good, allowing change to come.

I am off this am as usual on Monday.  I will be on this evening as usual.  Each person’s dreams are important to the universe, to spirit, to me.  May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya me, Cherokee, Cidro, Frankiecapone, Sugar Fortune Cookie, T and the sweet spirit of Bob and Bets. 

Moonzies preferred friends:  Sometimes I ask spirit why I am put in the lives of people if it seems as if things just never change, never move on to where they should be.   Time has a way of causing people to lose faith.  I am reminded of the story of Jonah where Jonah just got mad at the god he served as his message he felt flopped, but his message didn’t flop.  His message was if the people didn’t change, didn’t believe in what he was saying the city would be destroyed.  yet, they continued on to believe him, allowed the changes even though some i’m sure were hard.  And spirit says to me, Yes, perhaps each person wants to give up, but part of the gift Deborah has been given is to no matter how hard it gets, bulldog totem takes over, refusing to give up on even the smallest dream we are given.  this is my mission, my task, of course, we can only do so much, in the asking, the meditation, in the end, the universe must manifest the dream, but we have been given the inner power.   Moonzies has all the metaphysical tools, herbs, stones, the universe has given us to use to help us hold on to our dreams. 

Flourite:  centering , balancing,  often orange in color, orange helping happiness, we can remain happy even in the midst of the storm.  love ya

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