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Feb 22, 2014



I waited for You today but You didn’t show, no, no, no  I needed You today, so where did You go?  You told me to call, said, You’d be there  And though I haven’t seen You are You still there? I cried out with no reply and I can’t feel You by my side  So I’ll hold tight to what I know, You’re here and I’m never alone And though I cannot see You and I can’t explain why  Such a deep, deep reassurance, yeah You’ve placed in my life  Oh, oh, we cannot separate, You’re part of me And though You’re invisible I’ll trust the unseen I cried out with no reply and I can’t feel You by my side  So I’ll hold tight to what I know, You’re here and I’m never alone   Songwriters  BARLOW, REBECCA ELIZABETH MARIE/BARLOW, LAUREN ASHLEY NICOLE/BARLOW, ALYSSA KATHERINE/BARLOW, VINCENT ROBERT FRANCIS/BARLOW, MARY ANN

“ The day was sunny, so hot outside, an egg dropped broken on the hot sidewalk would have fried perfectly without the stove.  Steam rose from the sewer ducts along the way,  floating up under the dresses of office workers hurrying down the street to get in the cool air conditioning before makeup sweated completely off.  Construction workers, without regulations hardhats on their head, tshirts sleeves rolled up, tied sweatbands around their forehead, sipping on sweet southern iced tea.  My friend, I hurried as we scrambled to our car.  Single women, we had dates that afternoon, dates for the first time in a while, to watch 2 musicians we had met play in the park!  Stopping by a local carwash to make sure the car was tip top shape, we, of course, saw the big long line of cars, each patiently waiting.  Finally our turn came to vacuum, so we would be next under the hoses, the steamers, the waxers at the auto wash.  Here our turn,!  I jumped in the drivers seat, pulled up.  A car came flying in from the other side. A big man jumped out.  Furious, no fear, I jumped out, getting in his face, sticking my finger in.  I didn’t see his size, I didn’t see his bulk, I could only feel the injustice to the situation.  Surprisingly, he didn’t say a word, just jumped back in his car backed off, drove away.  We pulled in.  As we were washing the car, my friend said, “ good thing those two guys jumped in with you.”  There were no guys I explained.  She insisted she saw 2 guys.  We searched around for them, but no one else saw any guys.” ( excerpt from new expanded “Living with the Other Side, deborahmillspsychic 2013)  People often wonder if we just have outrageous, wild imaginations, but this is not really my tale to tell, but my friends.  See, we often so often think we are alone.  We feel so alone in our troubles, our problems we forget the universe, the gods, the powers that be, never leave us alone.  We call for the help, we send our pleas, we get so angry, so bitter, so frustrated that we  feel we are not heard, but in the end, we are never alone.  Just stand firm, hold to our expectations, we are never alone.

Animal totems:  Seagulls :   Soaring high above the problems, the rough waters, Sister Seagull teaches us to bridge the gap between the 2 worlds.   Ancient messengers well know to the  Celtic Druids, their culture, the ancestors of the ocean people, her medicine teaches us to trust the Other Side.  Allowing ourselves to soar with the spirit within, and without, we learn to trust we are not alone, no matter how high we fly.  This totem reminds us to go high to see all the sides, both positive and negative before making our choices.

I am here my usual hours today.  May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Cidro, Frankiecapone, Sugar Fortune Cookie, T and the sweet spirit of Bob and bets.