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Feb 3, 2014

You’re too quiet, I’m too loud  Now we’ve rid a storm cloud   I’ll see you on the other side   Old habits, young ways  Maybe we’re just a phase  But we can say we really try And it really shouldn’t be this hard  You know it really shouldn’t be – Brendan Benson

Your heart knows not how to lie.  It is great that it lays deep in your chest and not in your mouth.  ~Kak Sri

When you really want change, reinforcement will come from your heart.  ~Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman, Transforming Anger

These days are cold.  Yesterday I made a huge pot of chili, hot with chili peppers, hot steaming liquid.  See, I’ll be 60 years old in March.  When the cold hits, it sinks into my bones, no matter how much I wrap up, no matter sitting by the fire, I take forever to warm back up.  This morning,  as the temps outside drop again,  I grab a cup of hot cocoa, and a bowl of hot chili.  I can feel the warmth, the heat come back into freezing fingers, toes, from the inside out.  I am holding my cup of hot chocolate in my hands, even without drinking the liquid just letting the heat from the cup touch me.  I start to realize that our relationships  are like this weather from Mother Earth.  We are so in love. The dream, the warmth enters our  heart.  Father Sol the Sun touches us letting the heat it. Our lover touches our heart letting the warmth in.  But soon, we hit the storm cloud. Father Sol goes behind the clouds allowing the freezing rain, or the snowflakes to fall. Our lover doesn’t meet our expectations, forgets to respect the love, the dream, so we start to feel the cold from the inside out.  Old habits creep back in. Anger, hurt,  not being able to forgive , letting the cold envelop our hearts like the cold Old Man Winter creeping into our bones.  This cold touches our heart.  We take forever to allow our hearts to feel warm, to feel the love again.  We start to believe that this love was just for a minute.  Love shouldn’t, wouldn’t be this hard, so we must be wrong about this dream.  This love wouldn’t take so long for us to warm up, to get started, but then we realize our heart is not lying to us.  Our dreams, the inner spirit talking to us doesn’t know how to lie.  When we want change, much like my hot chocolate, my chili warming me up , our trusting our own hearts,  allowing the hearts from inside to seep out into the reality bringing the changes that we need, from inside out.

Animal totems:  Platypus leads us to knowing that we must pay attention to our own inner spirit, our own bodies to set the pace of how quickly we warm up, or dreams start to manifest.  Brother Platypus reminds us not to rush things, not to try to push the pace, but go as we should.   Trusting our own inner vision gives us increased, enhanced instincts, knowledge.  Stay curious, stay interested, His medicine reminds us to keep thinking.

I am off this am for business meetings as usual.   I will return this evening.  May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Cidro, Frankiecapone, Sugar Fortune Cookie, T and the Sweet spirit of Bob and bets. 

Moonzies preferred friends:  This week I’m introducing the Doggie Den products.  and dreamcatchers as a new product.  The coconut oil lotion for dry skin for our pups, and a comparable for humans as well is coming out this week.  Dog organic shampoo,  dog healing charms, and pastes,  .  The dream catchers are not authenticated as I am still working on the proper papers for our Native American lineage but I am making these more on a Celtic bent with tools to help keep our dreams at night gentle loving dreams giving us answers.   I will be posting pictures later today .  also Sharon’s jewels, and hodgepodge, Natural inspirations, and Charmed are available along with everything for Valentine needs.  Gifts baskets are available. I am trying to get everything on the website sometime today and tomorrow. If there is something you need, or want that isn’t on there yet, email me. I’m sure that we can provide your needs.  love ya

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