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Feb 7, 2014

white chocolate coveredstrawIt’s not about money…  It’s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone – Mark  Cuban

The true secret of  giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent  whether it is taken or not, and never persist in trying to set people  right.  ~Hannah Whitall  Smith

In giving advice seek to  help, not to please, your friend.   ~Solon

My  husband, Da… was an alcoholic.  I can say this as he is passed over to the  other side, enjoying peace where he could find none here on the earthly  plane.  Life was not easy always living  in this marriage, but even though many only defined, only saw the  alcoholic,  I saw the heart, the soul,  the intelligence, the talent in this man.   Even so, there came a time, when I sought the advice of others to allow  me to leave him.  I talked to everyone,  the liquor store clerk, the grocery clerk, the next door neighbor, my mentor,  even the Jewish Rabbi down the street,  I  wasn’t even Jewish!  I would most likely  have paid 1 million dollars to get 1 person to say I should leave, ( if I had  the money)  yet each one told me the  things I needed to change about myself, not give up on the man I loved with my  whole soul.  There were so many lessons  to learn , growth that I gained, the ability to see the spiritual walk , to walk  my personal path no matter how hard, how hurt, even times of great anger at both  the deities of the universe, the whole world, now I wouldn’t trade the times  away.  Learning to trust totally in  creative visualization, in getting spiritual advice,  although our spiritual advisers need to pay  their bills, the minister at the church, the missionary in China, have the  responsibility of adults, of good servants of what each are given , need to be  given to as well, it isn’t about the money.    When we freely give to honor the spirits, we get back 3 fold. Every faith  system teaches that.  When we expect,  when we only think about our problems, our sad money affairs, when we give 0, we  should expect 0 back.  This is the law of  Attraction.   Then we have to decide  whether we take the advice or not.  Oh,  this person charges money, or he/she just says what I want to hear, must be  scammers, charlatans, out of get us.   Again what we put out, distrust, anger, doubt, again, this is Law of  attraction what we get back.  Loving,  trusting, maybe in the face of not getting everything in the exact way we want  it, we put out trust to higher power to do the right thing for us, to let the  servants of prophecy tell us the truth, to hear the message, believing, Law of  attraction says we will have our dream, as well as learn the lessons of our  path.

Animal totems:  Praying Mantis does just that.  Visualizes, dreams, gets good spiritual  advice, takes it, going within to find the power to achieve the dreams. We all  have great power within.  Getting in  touch with another who totally trusts higher power, in prayer, can lift our  spirits.  Bro Mantis’ medicine is totally  power in all mind, body, spirit,  in  giving we receive, in prayerful speaking , we will get answers.  sometimes we can’t find the strength to pray for  ourselves. Spiritual advisers often have this totem – for we use our  inner stillness to focus on healing.   Becoming still, doing nothing but listening to spiritual advice will  teach patience.  Wait until the right  moment for the dream to come.  

I am here my usual hours  today.  It was very quiet last night.  Please let us know if there were problems reaching the advisers through the  site.  We are here to connect with each  person.  Although there are times, we  don’t understand what this person is saying, we can’t see how what we are being  told is right, or even possible, the spirit, the power within us sent us to the  person we chose, whatever is said, we are meant to hear, to get a message out of  it.  Listen carefully, write the messages  down, give enough time out of our busy schedule, budget our income to include  help from those who live our lives with one foot in the spiritual world just to  be able to find the right words, to help the right people sent to us.  Glitches, computers, Mercury Retrograde, the  economy cannot stop us when we ask spirit to send us the people we are to help  each day, what we are meant to do today, we will do.  May the fairies dance around each of us  today, Love ya, Me Cherokee, Cidro, Frankie Capone, Sugar Fortune Cookie, T and  the sweet precious spirits of Bob, and Bets.


Moonzies Preferred friends:   When we quit being able to “pray” which is talking to the gods, or able to “meditate” listening,  we often find our lives going down the toilet, wondering why. It is truly hard to lift ourselves up.  We must seek out the right help.  the more we don’t send the energies, the words UP, the more our lives go down.  Also Tuesday is my last shipping day for Valentine’s day.  On moonzies special page are the chakra balancing bracelets, for$2. + $3 shipping,  Goat’s milk organic ( no chemicals) soaps – $2.00 a bar ( one can’t get any other handcrafted organic soap for less then this ) with the shipping according to how many bars we get.  6 bars, $12 + 6.00 shipping.  Great V- day gifts.   The white chocolate dipped strawberries shipped pack for safety , and keeping fresh are $25.00 for 12 – shipping is the medium size express mail box ( to make sure gets there in time ) which is $8. shipping.   These will be on the specials page, I will be making sure they are on there with the right prices in about 1 hour.  Love ya

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