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good morning. you are loved. from here and from heavens above. there is some good in every day, we just need to look and find the way, to open our hearts and minds, sit down a spell and take the time, and we will learn to see all the world’s beauty in you and me, with peace and love – deborahmills (c) 2020\

Sometimes when life keeps going to hades in  a hand basket, we feel the higher power is not caring about us. But the Great Spirit is in the back ground still moving in our lives, with plans, help and guidance.  We simply have to listen, to believe, and know that we are loved and the universe is here for us.  And our dreams Dream on Dream big, Dream

Animal totems:STringray:   Bro Stringray is a strong powerful sea animal.  He will not sting unless he is threatened.  His totem reminds us that all people do have a sting if feeling threatened , or fearful, while his medicine shares with us that we can find that all people respond as we react to them Kindness breeds kindness.

Lady Moon is Full today at 6:45 am est.  She remains in Scorpio for this Flower Moon.  She is in Beltane time of the last quarter of the Beltane so still plant flowers, trees andstarts focuysing on the seedlings to get ready for a garden.   We can make a small greenhouse like effect by planting the seeds in miracle gro ( or generic brand if you prefer but I like Miracle gro as it holds moisture where we don’t’ have to water as much giving the seeds the water as it needs it ) set each seed in the dirt in a tray, either one designed for seedings or in a baking cake pan etc.  poke a couple of holes in the bottom of a cake pan.  Place seeds in the dirt about 1 inch apart then cover with the plastic top that comes with the cake pan for about a week.  After the seedlings start up through the dirt,  and its warm enough outside , you can remove this greenhouse effect.

I am here my usual hours today,  I will be back this evening at 5:30 pm central time.  May the fairies dance around each of us today.Love ya, Me,

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