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— I’d like to take the whole world right now Wrap each one up in my arms tight

Tuck them all into comfy beds, Saying Rest now for its night.  The heartaches, the worries, the terrors, the fears,   Beating like the waves against the rocks near the seas   People standing still, not hearing a word,  looking around with seeing the strength, missing the love that can be heard  or feeling a tenth of the heart of the land. I’d like to share my heart and give a hope and a prayer, for people to know the best way to win, is to love and share .  The dark creeps in and tries to steal, the joy and wonder of the beauty here,  when we hurt then we try to hurt too, the danger, the dark wins the world and then its true,  if I could just take away the pain,  open the skies  to new days and let the clouds rain to cleanse the earth to make her whole,  and save each and every soul,  I would give every penny and dime,  I would give all of my time, to spread peace and love – deborahmills © 2020

Lashing out at others when we are hurt, only brings the dark joy,  Like a big ball of string being wound around our hearts getting bigger, tighter, until it bursts like a volcano bubbling, bubbling, until it erupts covering everything surrounding it.   When we think, edit, rethink, reedit, then act or speak, we can find the peace and love to share and build back in our own lives and dreams.  Dream on Dream big, Dream .

Animal totems:   Dolphin:  Sister Dolphin loves everyone.  Her song sounds like a laugh while when we look at her, she’s smiling.  Highly intelligent, she’s smart enough to know to win other’s hearts but playfulness and laughter.  She’s one of the joys of the sea.  Her totem reminds us to know that peace and love will work over anger every time, while her medicine shares that we all have the intelligence to learn new ways to share with each other.

 Lady Moon is waxing.  She enters into Libra the scales at 10:38 am est.  another good Spring essential oil is Tangerine.  I  love the aromatherapy of this oil,  it is an energizing oil while giving a relaxation feeling,   letting the scent of tangerine fill our soul will inspire us to open our hearts up to the light.  like sunshine into our soul. 

I am off this morning Sunday as usual.  I will return this evening at 5:30 as usual.  May the fairies dance around us all today.  Love ya,Me 

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