Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

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Sometimes I light incense and a candle. It’s so peaceful and quiet. The steadiness of the energy and the reliability of the warmth have a calming effect. Cindy Williams


Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability. Edsger Dijkstra

To be there when times are down, to have a chance to be around, to be reliable, and true, then we know there is love too.  To open up a closed door, one we’ve never opened before, this is when we see the true, and we know there is love too – deborahmills © 2018

When we consult a seer, a clairvoyant we often think these people are nuts.  “I” just don’t see these things. Yet remember that when someone has been “seeing” the future, for many many years the reliability of these people are more reliable than our own thoughts. Our thoughts can take us all over the board, and we just seeing today. this tells us that yesterdays’ reality is not today’s and today’s will not be tomorrows.  Be ready to open doors we have not open before to dreams, and Dream. Dream on, Dream big, Dream.  

Animal totems :  Hawk:  Bro Hawk is considered the messenger from the gods.  One of the ancients totems His sharp eyes, talons, wide span wings helps to achieve the solutions to reaching goals easily.  His totem teaches us to look at problems from all sides while his medicine shares with us to be far reaching in our dreams.

 Lady Moon is Waning Gibbous remaining in Pisces the Fish today. with an illumination of 77%.  Flow easily with the love and romance in our lives.  Yingarna is the Australian Goddess of Creation. She often appears as a rainbowsnake.  Callon her when needing to be creative,innovative.

I am here my usual hours today. may the Fairies dance around each of us today. May the fairies dance around each of us today.Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Frankiecapone, Sugar, Apache, Apollo, T.