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November 29, 2013

If you want to be happy, be. ~Leo Tolstoy
Happiness is never stopping to think if you are. ~Palmer Sondreal
Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy. ~Robert Anthony
Father Sol, the Sun, shines on us brightly today. We are thrilled to see his bright light shining down. Then we step outside, the cold hits us in the face like a dash of cold water thrown In our face. We are not prepared for it, as the sun’s happy shining face belies the reality of the cold. Often we ourselves, are much like Father Sol, our demeanor in public, our actions , even our words often mask our inner spirit. In actually, deep inside, we fight chaos, fears, anger, jealousy, inner unhappiness that is slowly, surely eating us up. We don’t even realize that our aura is permeated with this unhappiness, that the very energy we are putting out, although we believe, we like Father Sun, are shining brightly to the world, we are sending out the cold we feel deep inside. Today we come to the realization, that we no longer want this unhappiness, this anger to kill us ( as it will create physical illnesses as well as emotional, spiritual) . Deb, there is no way to get rid of this hurt, this pain. Yet, the truth is, as simple as Leo Tolstoy says, “if we want to be happy, just be,” See, I know we are tired of being down all the time. We are tired of everyday meeting the problems of life with sadness, with a sigh. Life always has problems. Yet, my loves, my friends, we can meet our day with meditation. The problems are to remind us to spend time in our spiritual being first thing. Then look for little things of happiness. For me, just my 3 pups, waking me in the morning, with puppy kisses, such utter joy that we are together makes me smile the minute I get up. Today as I looked at Father Ra, the Sun god, shining in my eyes, I heard the song, “ Let the sunshine in, oh let it in, We starve, look at one another, short of breath Walking proudly in our winter coats Wearing smells from laboratories Facing a dying nation of moving paper fantasy Listening for the new told lies With supreme visions of lonely tunes Somewhere, inside something there is a rush of Greatness, who knows what stands in front of Our lives, I fashion my future on films in space Silence tells me secretly Everything so let the sunshine in” James Rado, Gerome Rani
animal totems: heron: Standing on one leg in the water, or flying over the lake to the sky, Bro heron has balance, grace, the symbol of pure joy. his medicine teaches us to walk into the rough harsh waters of life without fear. We have the power of heron in us to learn to self determine our thoughts, our actions. We must learn, determine in our minds, our thoughts first to balance, to center to be connected to Mother Earth and the entire universe. find our spiritual balance first then our way on earth.
Nov 29,2013 –

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