Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

Moonzies:  Good Morning preferred friends:  The season of love, giving, miracles and magick is here.   Moonzies has ways to help each person we touch with a way to have a balanced, healthy successful path and life.  My heart breaks when I know there are people whose lives each of the Dream Team can touch and our beloved preferred friends ignore our benefits.

Benefits are 1. On your time. No waiting in line, set the appointment convenient to YOUR lives

  1. Cheaper – in actuality, the rates for the Dream Team are comparable to other sites, but we often times go over a bit. We don’t’ just shut off suddenly mid – sentence
  2. Experts – all of our dream team are experts in their fields. Studying, learning, keeping one foot in the spiritual world, even the financial advisers, – we put mind , body, spirit into each appointment, each preferred friend’s lives. We put our whole 100% being.
  3. Small business – remember small businesses are personal. When we use a small business, we are giving 100% to the grandmother, the single mother, the young guy struggling to build his career, we get to know these personally and we love each one of our clients with our whole heart. – 

Moonzies offers discounts and specials – Watch for them .   as well as If YOU recommend 5 people to the moonzies site and they follow through, you get 1 free reading or product up to $25.  All moonzies products are custom made for you – charged in the moonlight, kissed by venus to bring magick in our lives.

Moonzies offers opportunities for YOU to make money.  

  1. Become a member of the dream team – with other sites making policies and changes, that are harder to accept, we are expanding our dream team. We are looking for right now, mostly financial advisers,  diet and exercise, ( we have one of each right now ) herbalists .  If you are already a member of the dream team –  start watching your moonzies email, the calendar, etc for changes, and advertising steps.   Also any member of the dream team, drawing clients to the moonzies site, will get  $5 bonus, either an appointment for readings, or product client.  Remember if you want me to put any products you make, create in the Moonzies holiday catalog, I will be putting that out in the next week.
  2. Sell products or readings – Moonzies will pay any authorized independent contractor 20% of profit ( after cost ).  Write me for more information.
  3. Doterra – Become a doterra independent contractor through me, Deborahmills. Write for information.