Tarot Readings and Palm Readings


The birds and the bees, the leaves and the trees, the butterflies who flit so free  the smell of honeysuckle on the vine, watermelon cut from the rind, the Spring is glorious to see.  The beauty of a warm sunny day, a happy smiling bright new way to find the path that it seems will take us straight to our dreams of pece and love – deborahmills © 2020

How we open our day is the key to the whole rest of our energy for the rest of the day.  if we wake up tired, mad, frustrated from yesterday’s problems and refuse to see the bright shiny new day like a bright penny from heaven lying on the ground in front of us, we will feel tired, frustrated, mad the whole day  So spiritual rituals both night and early morning,  will clean our minds, hearts and our energies to be able to feel the sun’s warmth on our face, smell the roses and honeysuckle scents in the air, and be able to reach our dreams. Dream on, Dream big, dream . 

Animal totems:  Garden snake:  Sister garden snake is completely harmless. She is not poisonous and most times more afraid of us then we are of her.  She protects the garden from beetles and bugs that will eat our produce.  She like all snakes sheds her skin once a year, but her shiny coat is beautiful if we don’t fear her.  Her totem reminds us to be protective of our lives, our energies, our spirit while her medicines shares to renew to beauty without fear.

Lady Moon is waning gibbous.  She enters into pisces the fish at 5:32 am est.   the scent of honeysuckle attracts friendship, and draws admiration of others to us.  Roses draw love, passion and romance.

I am here my usual Thursday hours. Both morning and evening. May the faireis dance around each of them today. Love ya, Me

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