Tarot Readings and Palm Readings


I think, the world stope to think, the doors of the spirit open to bring us to the brink of listening to the inner voices we need to hear, and open our eyes to see what should be clear that although it seems very far peace and love are truly near – deborahmills ©2020

This year has been fearful, crazy, chaotic and at time wild.  Yet as we, strong spiritual, intelligent people, start thinking, listening to the spirit, we turn to face the fears and we promote back positive energy in our lives, the lives of others around us, and one by one, the power comes back to us, we will win and we can still dream. Dream on, dream big, dream

 Animal totems:  Hawk:  Bro Hawk has piercing eyes.  His totem is highly intelligent and can see far with those eyes.  He is quick, and strong with a wingspan that holds with the winds nno matter how they blow.  His totem reminds us to think and see every side, every detail of problems while his medicine reminds us that our intelligence can remove fear

Lady Moon is waning Crescent.  She remains in Aquarius reminding us to allow the winds to blow without letting them destroy our power.  Clove oil has long been used by grieving people to protect, inspire and regain power from losses or fear.  Use clove in rituals for loss of jobs, money, power or people.

I am here my usual hours today.  May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, Me

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