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Jan 22, 2014

I’ve been lately thinking about my life’s time  All the things I’ve done and how it’s been   And I can’t help believing in my own mind  I know I’m gonna hate to see it end  I’ve seen a lot of sunshine slept out in the rain  Spent a night or two all on my own I’ve known my lady’s pleasures had myself some friends And spent a time or two in my own home  I have to say it now it’s been a good life all in all  It’s really fine to have a chance to hang around  Lie there by the fire and watch the evening tire  While all my friends and my old lady sit and pass a pipe around  And talk of poems and prayers and promises and things that we believe in  How sweet it is to love someone how right it is to care How long it’s been since yesterday what about tomorrow And what about our dreams and all the memories we share The days they pass so quickly now the nights are seldom long Time around me whispers when it’s cold The changes somehow frighten me still I have to smile It turns me on to think of growing old For though the life’s been good to me there’s still so much to do So many things my mind has never known I’d like to raise a family I’d like to sail away And dance across the mountains on the moon I have to say it now… – John Denver

Yesterday in the mail, I got a songbook.  John Denver.  We lost him young, so beloved, so missed.  Working on some of his songs for my online videos I make to go along with information about stones, herbs. In the book was this song, I had all but forgotten.  All my life, this has been my song.  From youth on, poems, prayers, promises were the dream I held in my heart. Folks used to say that we can’t save the world, but we can sure try one person at a time.  Most of this song, truly describes my life.  Sleeping out in the rain, sitting brainstorming how to get others to see that life is wonderful, full of miracles, blessings.  Of course, now mind you, no drugs, I didn’t pass the pipe around.  Art Linkletter’s daughter jumped off the roof of a building when I was about 13-14.  Attributed to marijuana, I always took the fact that I was dreamy enough as I was, without any help., I left the drugs alone.  Yet the dreams came, the visions grew, of a world where people could love, live, be happy.  Changes have come in life so many times we feel as if we’ve lived several lifetimes all crammed into one, scaring us of tomorrow.  Yet tomorrow can be looked forward to with hope, as long as we don’t give up.  Each day we ask the Great Spirit, show us who we can help, what dreams we can build, what comfort we can share in this cold dark world where the changes seem to be hitting every 5 minutes.  We don’t have to be afraid, we don’t have to doubt.  We don’t have to be angry, or worried.  Our task is to trust in poems, prayers, and promises along our way.

Animal totems:  Owl:   Bro wise owl is the totem of the wise, of prophecy, of feminine Lady Moon, of the dark night needing light.  Long before cat was considered familiar of the mystical, magickal world, owl was a totem, a familiar of the wise ones, the ancient ones.  Owl has no real bone in his neck, enabling him to turn his head completely around.  He can see dreams, events, life from all sides, not just in the peripheral sight we often see our lives.  His medicine is to remind us to look at everything, listen to within, hear spirit talking to us.

I am here my usual hours this morning.  May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, Me,Cherokee, Cidro, Frankiecapone, Sugar Fortune cookie , T and sweet spirit Bob and Bets.  lapis lazuli

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