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Jan 27,2014

passion plant

Losers make promises they often break.  Winners make commitments they always keep.  ~Denis Waitley




I promise.  I will never. I will always. Love forever I promise to give.  Yet, soon as we say we will NEVER do this, or will always do that, something tries to get in the way.  For sure, if we say we’ll never do something, we are sure to do that very thing.  Mark Twain in his famous book, Huckleberry Finn, says, promising we’ll never do something, sure makes a body want to do it!  We often make promises that we know we can’t keep, sometimes people make promises that are impossible to keep.  We should be careful what we speak with our mouth, as the words can never be taken back, we most often will have to eat them anyway.  Words like crow are tough to eat.  What we say with our mouth, typically is from the heart, will come to pass.  We create our own reality.  Speaking over , over again about divorce, breaking up will most surely led us right down that path.  We’ve put is out in the universe , in his/her head, yes, even in our own head often enough that we have made the promise to the universe, leading us right where we didn’t want to be.  Saying outloud over, over again, this is impossible, this will not happen, we are chanting our mantra, we are basically setting up the stage for the actions to begin. The universe is already set up to give us our needs, to provide us what we ask to receive. Yet we are double minded.  Then we have broken our promise, to love, to cherish, so everyone loses.  Making commitments, keeping our commitments,  even is he/she doesn’t do the right thing, we are the winners.  Oh often, we may feel like the fool, looking to everyone to be crazy, or too stubborn, or hanging on to a dream, but commitment is forever commitment is what will win the prize, commitment to the dream is what will bring us the joy.   We can break our promise to the god, to the person, even to ourselves but then everyone loses.  We can keep our promise, bringing commitment, victory to the universe.


Animal totems: Pegasus:  An old ancient mythical legend tells us of this totem.  Bro Pegasus holds up the knowledge of ancient wisdom, glory, inspiration, secrets of the gods.   Letting our imaginations run power, with ideas, he has long been regarded as medicine of being able to change the dark into light, evil into good, keeping the promise of tomorrow bringing a better day.  He is the protector of life, eternal energy of the spirit.  He leads us into the Other side in meditation reminding us to be humble along the way.

I am off this am as usual.  Other obligations take over on Monday mornings, but will return this evening as soon as possible.  Love everyone so much.  May the fairies dance around each of us Love ya, Me, Cherokee Cidro, Frankie capone, T and the sweet spirit of Bob and Bets.

Moonzies preferred friends:  Wow, I tried the dog treats this am with my 3 amigos.  I put one treat in the bowl with their regular dog food.  Each dog, took the all natural no sugar organic Grammee Deb’s dog den treat FIRST before they ate their food.  A winner !! in this house!  these are on special for on ly $6. for bag of 12, with $6 shipping.  beat that price anywhere

Grammee’s Goodies to go is delivering cupcakes, cookies, milk chocolat ehearts,  chocolate covered strawberries to office party.  $35 tray,  shipping is extra, packed in shipping with dry ice to keep in perfect shape. 

Gramme’s Greenhouse : What a great idea for Valentine’s Day.  Gramme’s Passion Plant.  This is sure to bring passion back into any love with magickal power.

Talk soon.   Remember I am off on Monday mornings.  I will be returning this evening for calls!! sorry, Love ya so much

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