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July 30- let’s Talk Colour

Hi there Moonzies.com with Deborahmillspsychic is all about helping us all have abundance healthy lives.  We are starting our FREE lessons!

Today’s lesson in about Colour.  The universe is brilliant with colour. This is as each colour has special meanings, brings something to Mother Earth, the sky. to our lives

Amber –  Amber is a golden brown yellow, – rich, flowing Amber is well known for helping to bring healing of emotions, . Full of history, wearing amber helps us feel rich,  so we draw money success.  She is a colour of earthiness, bringing in the earth element.

Black – Black is a protective color.  She repels negativity while being very distinctive. We all know black is a slimming colour but we should also know it draws elegance, power to us.  Wearing that little black dress or that black shirt to a date gives us an aura of mystery that makes the other person curious to know more about us.  In job situations – Black in job interviews says i’m bold, strong, someone to lean on with the job gets stressful.

Blue – Bright, bold, there are different shades which hold different meanings.  Light blue brings calmness, Patience, of the water element so when we wear this colour, or paint a room, serenity will be the aura we project into the atmosphere.  Bright blue opens up truth, clarity when we talk to people. Wear blue for confidence when needing  answers .  Looking a job wear dark blue. Dark blue is full of authority, power, makes people feel secure. In love relations, the bright blue opens the throat chakra to talking.

Bronze-  Bronze is another golden darker mix of yellow and brown.  this color is masculine, earth element in nature.  Wearing bronze on a date or love situation will help us give a comfortable, homey feeling as if our date has come home.  Bronze is the colour of the 3rd place of victory, so we can see the physical manifestation of our dreams.  Going on a sales job interview, bronze opens up the ideas of money, richness, wealth.  Bronze is a wow! colour.

Brown :  Bro brown another earth color is a grounding color.  He is able to center,  to balance both our physical body, as well as keep our emotions stable and solid.  Brown is another colour to wear when we want to make people feel comfortable with us.  In job situtations,  we don’t want to wear brown too often unless it is so stressful we need to balance, or if we don’t want the boss to be too aware of us.  Brown will help us blend in.  Yet Bro brown keeps people around us drawn to feeling rich, wholesome, we are trusted.

Cream :  Cream is a feminine colour.  She is a neutral colour that helps people think of us as easy to get along with, smooth, elegant.  But don’t expect them to think of you as a power house. Men will find women somewhat delicate, more fragile treating us more like a princess then expecting us to take charge.  wearing cream often may cause them to not see the inner goddess, strength inside.  Bosses or interviewer may see us as not aggressive enough so be sure to add red or blue bright colors with the colour cream .

Gold,  Rich , majestic, royalty, prestigious, creates the sense of leadership, of wealth. gold is a bold colour to wear. When wearing in love relationships, this colour will be the dominant, creating the illusion of leadership.  In job situations, be sure not to overshadow the boss with the glitter of gold, your ambition may be showing too much at interviews, in business meetings may overshadow the other person.

Green:  Green is another one that the light and Dark will draw different attitudes, diffferent personalities.  Of course, we all know green is the colour of money, so using green in candles, etc will draw money, and/or health. Dark green gives us the illusion that we are a cool character, serene, unruffled by life’s up and downs.  It is the colour of nature so we can see that people will respond more openly to green.

Light Green:Light Green indicates a cool calm demeanor.  She is a more feminine colour while dark green is masculine.  She will give you in love relationship a more traditional relationship as we will be expected to be the nurturer, the healer.  While in job situations,  again the boss or interviewer may see you as less aggressive, will also see you as someone who can handle stressful situations.  this colour on the right people tends to help us look a bit younger, brighter, more enthusiastic, almost daring. not everyone dares to wear this bright colour.

Grey:  Grey is a neutral colour. So neutral in fact, some may see you as invisible.  Good for those who don’t want to be center of attention or too bold.

Dark Grey:  Confidence, Authority, somber, too conservative, no fun.  In love relationships to draw love, use grey only in bits and pieces.  If trying for management job, dark grey with just a touch of red shirt or tie is GREAT!.  If you want to blend into the rest of the team light grey is your choice.

Light Grey: Light Grey will inspire people both in love and job situations to trust us. this colour will create a natural flow that helps the attitude that you blend well with other personalities.  The colour grey may share that we are a bit shy, not as confident as we should be so be sure to add some bright colour with  it.

Lavender : A feminine colour, she is the colour to calm, relieve anxiety. Much like the herb , this colour in troubled relationships, will help create a sense of serenity ,peace.  Grandmothers are known for this colour as it does help us look younger, as well as calms the babies down.  In job situations, nursing, healing careers this is a good colour to wear when working, but in interviews may bore the perspective boss.

Orange:  Orange is a bright colour of the sunset.   This colour sends the message of happiness, brightness, eagerness.  In romantic relationships, this colour sends the message we know how to be spontaneous, ready for passion.  In job situations, we use the orange to show eagerness, brightness but we are not too bold we cant follow orders.  Restaurants use the colour orange often as the attitude makes us hungry.  imagine in relationship,  our partner Hungry for us!

Pink: Pink is a healing colour.  Many health care facilities, practitioners are not bringing pink into the work place, as it is a gentle colour.  Pink reminds us of babies, youth, gentleness.  In the love arena, pink will heal a troubled love relationship, while opening up the romance, the fun of love.  In job situations, be a little careful if we are trying for a job we have to be bold, or aggressive when interviewing, but on days when tension is high, or a highly stressed business meeting., wear the lighter pink

Dark pink or rather hot pink:  This colour is fun, sparkling, bright, cheerful.  It sends out the message I am hot to handle, i’m ready for romance ! In job situations this colour may send the wrong message that you can’t get down to business, are too playful for the seriousness of work.  Good for perhaps a bartender, hairdresser something more creative!

Purple :  This colour is the colour of the rich, the wealthy, the spiritual.  Purple speaks loudly of having money. In ancient times only the rich could afford the dyes that made clothes, drapes the dark rich purple so this tradition has carried down.  Dark purple draws out the mysterious, the spiritual, as well as sophistication.  This is a calming colour so older women , men look particularly good in it, bringing out rich skin tones in their ages.  In job situations, wearing a bright purple when looking for a creative job, an advertising job, media, etc. purple is bold, aggressive, fun.

Light purple : The lighter colour of purple is romantic, almost fragrant in the look, so much we can almost smell the lilacs, the lavender, the calmness of the outdoors.  This colour is good in romance, as it brings out the Lady Moon.  In job situations this colour is only good when we need to calm tense situations down.

Red. bold, aggressive, creative, strong,  Dark red is expensive , rich, luxurious, healing.  This colour is good when in a strong love romance where we want to move to the next level.  in job situations, proves strength, passion, love for the work

Bright red:  This color is sexy, bold, passionate, the excitement of fire element.  in love relationships will bring out all the passion,romance, but be careful as it is also the colour of anger and danger.  This is a powerful colour so when applying for a job a good colour to wear in bits while not pushing the limit too much to appear too sexy for the job.  Wear it in business meeting to show your power in the situation,

Silver :  Sleek, modern , classy,  this colour is the colour of feminine side. A little less bright as gold, but still give the impression we are a slick operator if we wear too much.  Hints of silver will bring out our boldness our aggressiveness without too much over whelming.

Teal : With the coolness of water element, this colour creates a sense of serenity.  In love relationship only use when wanting to create trust, serenity, friendship.  In job situations, we will find this colour a useful colour as it is bold enough without being too bold.

White: purity, innocence, youth.  white is a good complementary colour but in candle work will bring the purity, the white light into the work, but in romance, may give too much the illusion of innocence, so only wear too much of it on first dates, dates where you don’t want to bring out too much passion , excitement of romance.  In job situations, we may find we are too washed out. No one notices us enough to hire us or listen to what we are trying to say!

Yellow – Happiness, joy, bright cheerful youthful attitude.  Be cautious with this in love relationship as it indicates at times only friendship, cowardice, or even we are too caution.  in job situaitons, in interview, may over whelm the person hiring, but in other times brings a sense of fun in tense situations.  This colour on some will bring out youth, other skin tones may cause us to look shallow which people will assume is our personality. chose the right colour of yellow for us.



What colour draws money to us?

What colour is good for passion, bold hot fun?

What colour is good for grandmothers?

No quiz here. Just a chance to see if you got what you read.  No passing or failing.

Essay:  Think about reactions to colours you have worn.  Can you see how the colour affected the situation, or people around us. How did the colour make us feel when we wear it?



Have a happy day.


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