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July 31 – Talking about Fragrances


Hi there. Today’s lesson is about fragrances, the choices of smells, how they work.  this is a brief lesson, as we are trying to keep these light, easy to read, with short attention span needed.  so the senses of smell.  As with the universe, all our senses are useful, there for our greater good.  Today as we explore the use of fragrances in our life we can see where there is a magickal, mystical reason, but also a very logical, almost scientific reason for using fragrances to help our lives to become more abundant. 

Think about a rose.  Go out to the garden, stand in among the fragrant rose bushes.  close your eyes.  Your own mind will tell us what we think, what we feel when we smell this.  Since childhood, we have been taught, conditioned to think about love, romance, gentleness, when we think, see, or smell a rose.  Immediately we envision love into our lives.  So when we are thinking about roses, so when we wear this fragrance, the people we meet, even ourselves, spend time in an aura of love. 

Think about apple pie:  From our childhood, the movies, the TV, we think of June Cleaver, or grandma in the kitchen making apple pie.  We think immediately of family, home when we smell the fragrant poignant aroma of apples, cinnamon, cloves.  We sense the love of home, feeling secure.  Now candles lit with this smell, send the message of gentle family love.  so we are seeing here that protection, love, security comes from this smell.  Clove, or cinnamon are good smells to wear if we want to spark the flame of added passion into our marriage, our day.  

Here is a good list of fragrances to use for the various energies of the day we want to promote in our lives, drawing things to use.  We can call it magick if we believe in magick, or we can see the logical reason to encourage people to smell our lives to abundance and success in our dreams.   This is a list of the most popular ones but of course, at the end the questions, the essay will open our minds to thinking more along more of fragrances we can use. 

Love fragrances:  Amber, Cinnamon, clove, musk, vanilla, peach/ginger, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, 

Money Drawing :  basil, Dill, eucalyptus, mint, lemon balm, pine

protection:  Sage, spearment, Geranium,  Lime

calming fragrances:  lavender,  camphor, lilac, jasmine, bergamot

Spirituality:  Sandalwood,  Bay, Jasmine, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sage

To bring Magick: Ginger, hyacinth, Orange, Pine, Nutmeg

To lift our spirits:  Peppermint, Lemon, Cinnamon, Dill

Be careful with mugswort – this herb cannot be used ingested during pregnancy at all!

nutmeg, mugswort, and belladonna if ingested, if we use too much can produce mind altering hallucinogenic reactions. Belladonna in huge amounts is deadly!!  Of course, nutmeg , mugswort are useful in small amounts in teas, foods.  My suggestion is never ingest belladonna. ****

interesting note:  Cedar is an awesome aroma.  this aroma is very good to use before prayer, affirmations, petitions rituals, as its spiritual nature is to help draw us closer to Great spirit, to be able to hear.  Another interesting note about cedar fragrance is that if we are having trouble with self-control, self-disciple, this aroma will ground, balance , help us stay focused on our goal. 

Daily petition for today: 

Set your sacred circle up as usual .  light incense, or candle of Sandalwood, Cedar, sage or one of the other aromas to draw in Great spirit’s messages.

Ancients, wise ones, Most high,

Listen to our heart, hear our cry.

Show us today, our path, make us wise

Open our hearts, our minds, our 3rd eyes

Let our needs be met, each one today

just help us by showing our way. As I will so mote it be. 


added bonus lesson:

Stone of the day:  a good stone for spirituality, to start our day with in the crystal quartz,   Holding, setting in front of a crystal quartz is good for meditation, healing, sending petitions because it is an amplifier.  This stone has the metaphysical properties of healing,  harmony, energy, psychic abilities, clarity, calmness.

The crystal quartz is composed from silicon dioxide.

When buying for anniversaries this stone is associated with the 10th anniversary.

Crystal Quartz is designed to connect with all the signs of the zodiac

its planet is the Sun

Associated with all the elements, earth, fire, air, and water.

The main chakra , quartz is healing is the crown chakra.

The magick of the crystal quartz, a milky white or clear glassy stone,( It is actually a soft stone though, don’t put in salt water to cleanse , you’ll find yourself without a stone!) amplifies our thoughts, our energies, as well as magnifies the properties of other stones.  Absorbing negativity , quartz will release, as well as adding back, storing, regulating positive energy toward your own vibes.

All the chakras can be balanced, releasing negative energy, putting positive back into our thoughts.


1.  Name 3 fragrances that will help calm our nerves .

2.  What fragrance is good for self-control?

3.   Name at least one mind- altering herb that should not be taken in large doses?

Essay question:  Name some other smells, frankincenses, aromas that promote spirituality or other needs drawing uses of smell.