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I am not someone who is ashamed of my past. I’m actually really proud. I know I made a lot of mistakes, but they, in turn, were my life lessons. Drew Barrymore

 The real power of the Buddha was that he had so much love. He saw people trapped in their notions of small separate self, feeling guilty or proud of that self, and he offered revolutionary teachings that resounded like a lion’s roar, like a great rising tide, helping people to wake up and break free from the prison of ignorance. Nhat Hanh

My hope is to give hope to all,  Not a false hope, where there is no call, no petition that is answered or heard clear, but a balance when the spirit is near. To see the hurting lonely one, to long to share with another someone, that there is still good that will come when we believe -deborahmills © 2018

 We are on a path. Each of us have a path set before us. We need to follow that path. Listen to spirit. Move along freely no matter what problems arise, knowing that we can still see out there on the horizon the dream, the goal line. How we live the path, either gracefully with dignity, or in rage, terror, chaos, is our choice. Balance is the key. Having pride without being too proud, love without being too selfish, we must like ourselves, as well as others. When at the end of the day, we can go to bed, sleep well, knowing that we listened to spirit , made the right choices, we can stand strong in the face of the dark. We know we are in the light. Others will criticize. Others will complain as jealousy of our self- assurance, or pain of the insecurities faced. This result comes from the fear each person feels, that we will be right, their choices are wrong. When someone comes at us aggressively, we can know that this person is afraid of our light, our love. Stand strong on our light. Be strong, be calm, believe. Dream on, dream big,Dream

Animal totems: Jackal : Sister Jackal is the loner who can be strong or she can play tricks. She is a trickster who is cunning, sly, quick moving before we are even aware she is there. Her totem teaches us to watch carefully everything as we need to stay on top on things, Her medicine reminds us that we should be observant, wise in our choices and actions

Lady moon is waning gibbous. She remains in Aquarius, flowing with dreams, while Mercury is still in retrograde so that the conversations need to be calm and peaceful.  Use  clove oil to heal with sadness and despair. The zing will lift up the changes that we willcoe. 

I am off this am  for my mother’s worship but will return this evening as usual. may the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, Me, Cherokee,Frankiecapone,Sugar,Apache, Apollo,T