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I hear your call, I hear the cry,  I hear the questions and want to know why, life seems to unsettled and awfully hard sometimes, but we know that the path can turn on a dime. So ready ourselves for good things,  look for the hope and love, life ca bring. And we will see, that we can be – peace and love – deborahmills © 2020

All life changes. Only through conflicts if we are stubborn will changes come. The inner spirit has a way of whispering to us, then yelling at us.  Next come the gentle shove in the small of our back, then finally hitting us over the head with a two by four.  Then in time honesty is meant to come, our truths are meant to be shown and we are meant to live successful, abundant, balanced lives.  And to fulfill our dreams. Dream on, Dream big Dream

Animal totems:  Lion:   although Lion is considered king of the jungle,  Bro Tigeer is the biggest cat in the jungle   the way Bro Lion carries himself though is kingly.  He holds the leadership role among female lions and only under 2 years old males.  The females are the huntresses and the caretakers of the young.   His totem reminds us to be strong and powerful without aggression while his medicine shares that we don’t have to be the biggest in the group

Healthy Hippie hints: Plastic water bottles shouldn’t be just thrown away.  If we have a filter on fridge  or the sink, refill and reuse.   2 Get a spray nozzle at the craft stores, and use to fill vinegar and water, to wash glass and windows, or put essential oil with witches hazel or water,  to make a body mist or air freshener. 3.  Mske a bird feeder or water bottle. 4. Make a coin bank out of it 5.  Check out more ideas

I am here my normal hours today.  I do so look forward to sharing with you. May the faaries dance around each of us today  love ya, me !!

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