Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

March 8,2014

The most glorious moments in your life are not the so-called days of success, but rather those days when out of dejection and despair you feel rise in you a challenge to life, and the promise of future accomplishments. -Gustave Flaubert

Today’s accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities. -Robert H. Schuller

The feeling of moving forward fills our soul with a sense of peace.   In the midst of a waiting period, we get antsy,  anxious, the more we wait, the more we feel almost itchy.   Grass seems to be growing under our feet, while we are just standing still!!!  We cannot accomplish anything by sitting, waiting.  Yet others around us just don’t seem to get that we are wasting time.  We want that promotion like yesterday please, but the boss just doesn’t seem to get off his/her tuff, to put the papers through.  The bank told us that loan modification would work, but why oh why are we having to send yet another set of papers.  Our most glorious days, the days when people see our strength, our spirit, most importantly our faith is the days when we know that although we, ourselves, are not moving, underneath the spiritual world has everything going.  Much like electricity flowing into our Television, our lights,  we can not see this energy but we have lights so work is going on.  Brother Turtle sits in one place, sunning on the rock for long periods of time.  We turn our head for a minute, he is somewhere on down the path.  His movements so slow we never see him moving, but we look away for a minute, he has chased a fly down the path.  Little by little so slowly we don’t see the movement, yet there he goes, on down the road!  Life is like that so we can savor each moment, smell each rose, each lilac along the way, yet still find ourselves moving forward.

Animal totems:  Tourtoise, Turtle.    Brother Turtle has a hard shell, but very soft insides.  He knows when to stop, hide away from the world to meditate, to ponder each situation to protect himself.   Tourtoise is one of the oldest ancient totems, with his medicine reminding us that slow, steady wins the prize.   One would think of Bro Turtle as a water animal, but he is actually the oldest symbol for Mother earth.  His medicine reminds us to stay grounded balanced, to find ourselves knowing that fast, quick, impulsive ways are not always the best ways.

I am here my usual hours today.  May the fairies dance around each of us today.lvoe ya, Me, Cherokee, Cidro, Frankie Capone, Sugar Fortune cookie, T and the sweet spirit of Bob and Bets. 

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