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Moonzies by Deborah Mills
Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

May 21, 2014

May the universe give you peace, joy and light. may you find hope in day and night.   i send the fairies to dance in your place, your heart, your soul, to put a smile on your face. May the Sun shine wherever you are, even in rain or storms may the winds blow happiness near and far of hope. – deborahmills

Today may I complete my task to help just one person see,That today’s reality is not what may come to be I ask for wisdom, grace, to speak with love To all who come sent from above. My mission is one to give some hope To give a smile to those on slippery slopes. Let me lend a hand, a word, the right words to say That in spite of time going on and on, the wait Oh the wait, the gods are too late

So today may I share with those that spirit sends, our dreams, our goals we hope to win. This is my task from years long, the hope to give, the love be strong, Faith is the answer to giving the dream, a chance to come no matter how long it seems to take. As I ask for wisdom to be able to see, send the right people spirit wants to send to me, so we can see that all dreams CAN be with hope.

Animal totems:   Owl, Brother Owl over the ages has been the totem, the familiar or the Old Wise ones. During the Druid days, the wise ones, came to seek out the wisdom of Bro owl as his eyes are sharp, able to see the smallest, most minute particle that we, with our naked human eyes, cannot see. This totem has no cartilage in his neck so he seems to be able to turn his head all the around. This ability teaches us to learn to see all sides, not just the negative, sometimes not just the positive but All sides of the situation. To bring hope.

I am here my usual hours today. Remember that sometimes although technology is great ! the mail system doesn’t always work 100%, the connections with cell phones, signals, etc are technical. May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Cidro, Frankiecapone, Sugar Fortune Cookie, T, and the Sweet spirit of Bob and Bets.

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