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Moonzies by Deborah Mills
Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

May 28,2014


Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. Wyatt Earp

Well the way we perceive accuracy and what accuracy is statistically are really two different things Nate Silver

At the first of the year, I received a call from a woman I hadn’t spoken to in 10 years.   Yes, I’ve been on keen 14 years. This woman had made a new member name as she wasn’t sure I would accept her call with the old name. the truth is that 10 years ago, I made a prediction for her, that didn’t happen in HER time frame, so killing the messenger, she cussed me out, didn’t hear from her. Well, she and the guy are married now. Thankfully she let me know.   Another lady had been calling me for a while, then some things occurred so again, another cussing, another stopped calling. Then 6 months later, she wrote me, well, we got married last week.   Then there’s the client that I told DON’T go with that guy, he’s trouble. Yet she did. 2 years later, she called to say, “ Deb, You were right. “.   See, the thing is before I start working, I ask for wisdom, I ask for accuracy, I ask for open minded clients that really care about what spirit wants to say to each person.   I am fortunate that I always feel I have the best clients around. Each one that I am sent understands the way of spirit. We who are visionaries, who “see” things do not see things the way the World sees things. We see past the RIGHT NOW, we see past what he/she is doing today or how each person acted in the past. Thanks the gods WE are not the same person we were even 1 year ago, neither is he or she, the person or persons we are looking forward to spending our life with today.   Wyatt Earp was considered, “fastest gun in the West” but here he says that being fast is great, but accuracy is much more important.   Life is that way. We want life to move fast, fast pace, rat race, running to the goal, we don’t see the lessons, the fun, the happiness we can have in reaching the goal. Each day I wake thinking of a problem I have in my life, excited to see how this puzzle, how spirit will solve this answer for me. As the day unfolds, the ways the answers come, the results are amazingly fantastic. As we do the right thing, the right accuracy will come to us.

Animal totems: Rat:  Last Saturday we went to the Renaissance Festival. The lords, the ladies of the Old Ways ran around with rats on their shoulders. Yuck, but Bro Rat is one smart animal. This totem is a symbol for ambition, for success, but he uses smarts, uses time rather than pushing too hard. Watch a rat running in a maze to find the food at the end. This totem will stop, think, lift his nose to smell, to think rather than try to push through the walls. Bro Rat takes his time allowing people or others to adjust to changes.   This totem is aggressive in moving toward his dreams

I am here my usual hours today.   My mission is to give hope to give accuracy about the path toward the dreams that spirit gives us. My goal is to accurately give you the messages that spirit sends. May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Cidro Frankiecapone, sugar Fortune Cookie T and the sweet precious spirits of my long gone Bob and Bets



Moonzies preferred friends:   Well,  just letting you know that today and tomorrow we are going to be working most of the days.  I am leaving Friday for Phoenix, and Returning on Sunday so have found it impossible to work in the airport.  I will be off these days.  So during the next 2 days,  I am giving the 15 minutes for $20 with a $10 discount.  Make your appointments early as this is just for today Wed  and Tomorrow Thursday.  you can pay through paypal  to debmills1@gmail.com, or through credit card .  Even though you will click on the credit card part of my website, my assistant keys in the amount so the $10 off will come through automatically.  Remember this is only for today and tomorrow so I can get the most of you in. 

the reason I don’t give readings on less that 15 minutes is like Wyatt Earp , fast is good, but too fast misses the mark.  each day I inventory, try harder to excel in finding answers for you, rather than the zippy what I call assembly line psychic.


One more special for today only.  I have designed some greeting cards.   These are on special today and tomorrow ONLY! for the price of a set of 12 for only $5 introductory sale. ( shipping 5 flat rate extra)   There are animal totems, and gods and goddesses of the ancients for the set of (3) birthday (3) get well (3) congrats.   Then there are sympathy cards with plants and flowers of healing. 


Listen we know you can get products anywhere and not have to pay the shipping. But the truth is all our products are 1) small business , your neighbor , your friend, who will bend over back wards to make sure that your order is just right. If shipping, or packing problems occur, we fix it at our cost.  2) Each item is lovingly chosen specifically for the needs  3 ) All Moonzies products are charged in the moonlight, kissed by Venus, bringing magick into our lives.  Do we believe in magick?  Well we all need something!  the thing is what if it does work? love ya  DSCN0280

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