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- Moonzies by Deborah Mills
Tarot Readings and Palm Readings


Time stops in a moment and time passes by, the days seem so short and life is on the fly. Waiting seems hard but then in a minute, the changes come quickly and we are in it.  New ways, new days and then something more. The opening up of dreams and new doors.  It is hard to see around the curve up ahead, and sometimes we’d like to stand still instead.  Life still moves and grows, and we all simply know, soon there will be, and we can see  peace and love – deborahmills © 2020

Yesterday as I ran to put gas in my car ( a Sunday thing for the week ),  right in front of me at the stoplight, 2 cars ran head- on into each other.  Shutting off my car, jumping out to make sure they stayed put and didn’t move until help came, I saw 2 young men , one in each car.  One was 16, the other 23 years old.  In less than 5 minutes, I’m sure that life has changed.  Decisions made to not follow rules, or sometimes just a plain and simple accident can send youth or ourselves into fear, panic, and loss of dreams.  Yesterday was a beautiful day after the storms of last night. I’m sure both young men had friends or family to see, and great ideas for the day.  Our best bet is to prepare, slow down, make wise decisions, and try hard to be ready for a sudden change in plans.  And to still keep our dreams.  Dream on, Dream big, Dream

Animal totems:  Monkey:  Bro Monkey can be curious and mischievous.  His totem is well -known to be highly intelligent, to love family and have emotions.  His totem also handles change well, and can find the way to still achieve what he plans, by hook or crook. His totem is well known for “borrowing” ( stealing) shiny pretty things if he thinks he needs them but he is sneaky enough to know to hide them!  His totem reminds us to slow down and make wise decisions, while his medicine shares to remember fear is our worst enemy and to keep our heads about us

Healthy Hippie hints:   we don’t throw water on a grease fire.   Keep baking soda or flour nearby as that will put it out fast.   Grill fires shouldn’t occur but do keep a spray water bottle nearby if a small flame pops up.  If we have a brush fire, or limbs outside catch on fire, always have a bucket of water nearby and don’t leave it unattended.   A spark , an ember can fly up and catch many surrounding live plants or animals on fire.   Build a fire wall if we do much burning.  In the city limits most places, we can only do this if wee have a permit and the fire department knows, so check our location, and with local authorities.  Living out in the country, if we have hot dog roasts, bonfires, or burn brush,  build a rock fire wall to have the fire in.  also we know that fire itself will stop a rushing fire burning quickly through.  Have fun with the camping and outdoors, but remember to be safe.

I am off this morning as usual. I will return this evening at 5:30 and will answer all emails before starting. May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya Me

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