Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

Good Morning – rates are low – life is worth getting sage advice . email readings are $1 per question as well as readings are $2.00 for a minute. With the holidays coming, life gets a bit hectic, so I plan to keep one foot on the Other Side to gain clarity. Working to keep my physical health is great shape, resting when I need to, mind, body and spirit, my goal is to be here for you. if there are problems with the system, please let me and the customer service know. 1.877.533.6435. working since the age of 5, being 63 in March, life experiences as well as the gift, I KNOW I can help each person spirit sends to me. Free minutes are given after adding $5 to a call, as well AS A CANDLE lit that night at my midnight rituals for the persons we share with. recommend 5 buying customers – get a free reading or product of 25. Now on to a bit of inspiration and love:
If you want change, expand your mind. Old ways don’t open closed doors- Kristin Butler
Instead of attacking what you hate, start promoting what you love. Be that change that you want to see. – Ralph Smart
Love the mountains. Love the sea. Love the changes that will come to be. Love the joy, but love the pain, as when are mountains to climb, there is much to gain. And soon my loves, my joys, my heart, there will be rains to cleanse, to start the dream – deborahmills ©2016
Love the mountains in our lives. There is majesty, beauty in the mountains, yet we often times are disturbed to see one loom in our path. We were going along our path quite nicely thank you, when boom, up ahead we see this huge rocks, trees, branches, limbs in our way!!! EEK! We will have to learn to climb the mountain, or we can choose to go around the mountain, which, of course, will take longer, going this way, that way off the path, or we can choose to stop right here in the midst of the hades we are living. Love the mountain as she is beauty of Athena, power of Thoth, majesty of Ra, all in one, as she will bring the changes we need for the dream.
Animal totems: Mountain Lion: Sister Mountain lion sits high among the rocks. Her totem is never ia hurry, but she is power, silent waiting. Her totem is huntress, loner, wise eyes seeing every detail, every side of the mountain, to achieve her dream. Her totem reminds us in waiting we are to listen, watch, see every side. Her medicine reminds us we will learn the beauty of our mountains.
Lady Moon is Full as well today moving into the Waning Gibbous stage. She remains in Gemini the Twins reminding us to stay centered, balanced, no duplicity in our actions. The 3rd house of communications also in Gemini, so be careful to speak with surety and confidence. Draw love of friends, family, with the stone Lapis Lazuli. She is one of my favorites. She helps with gentle dreams and calmness as well.

I am here my usual hours today. May the karma we do return to us by 3, and the fairies dance with you and me. Blessed be. Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Frankiecapone, Sugar, Apache, Apollo, T