Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible. Thomas Aquinas

If patience is worth anything, it must endure to the end of time. And a living faith will last in the midst of the blackest storm. Mahatma Gandhi

Red, orange, white, blue the flames dance against the darkening purple sky. Lady Moon shines down as the sparks fly from the timber, flitting across the Sacred Circle to bounce like glow balls in play. Crackling, snapping, a twig breaks, the sound loud in the midst of the soft light music of the flute, the fiddle sings out. Dressed in robes of brilliant colors of the clans, the Wolf Clan, the Eagle clan, the Celts sway in the soft light of the flaming bonfire, the Lady Moon, as watching the boundaries between the two worlds blur into opening of the clouds, the doors to let the fairies, the unicorns, the ancients, spirits of the past to honor life. Over in the distance, the dragon roars as Fire Dragon is the keeper of the gate to the Other Side, as he releases the entities of the Other Side into this side. The Goat, the calf, the feast is roasting as the Celebration of Samhain has met the night. Gifts of candies, treats, are passed out, the rituals of power begins. Down the lane, perhaps two miles or so, The Reformers, the Zealots, The Catholic Church has begun their beautiful rituals as well, of the night still honoring the past, the ones, the Saints who have gone over the bridge to the Other Side. The whole of the church is filled with bright candles of purity, protection, of the glory of the faith this faith system serves with vengence. Robes of gold, silver, purple vests and scarfs, the priests light the incense of musk, of frankincensem of myrhh, to honor the Saints of old, in this All Saint’s Eve. Breads, cheeses, mincemeat pies, meats are readied in celebration of the faith. Still again another mile or so, a family sets out their altar, the flames of the white candles of purity, of petition for the saving of the family for yet another hard winter to come, a period of when Mother Earth lays her blanket of snow, or ice, or just dormant lies to rest a bit before the new year begins. These are the rituals, the themes of faith. The idea of hope after the long hard winter, the dry spells, the time of waiting. This is the time of all faiths systems to remember that although we are in wait time, that the Ones who have gone of before us, made it through the rough times, we can see, hear their messages of love, of faith, of hope. Some think tonight a night of fun, pranks, treats, ghosts, witches, fairies, princesses at play, but in truth this celebration is to remind us that there is something more in the universe to bring in the faith, the hope of better thing to come. animal totems: Fire Dragon: Sister dragon roars her fire to protect the entry of the Worlds. Her totem reminds us to be vital, enthused, full of courage, of faith. Using our inner fire, our passion we can overcome any obstacle, any issue, that comes after the waiting time. Her medicine teaches us to protect our faith above all things. Sister dragon is as fire, transforming, from metal into steel. When we’ve been through the fire, we becomes as swords of wisdom, actions of power.

Lady Moon is the New Dark Moon at 1:38 pm est time today.  The New Moon in Scorpio.  She is full of desires, intensity, positivity and power tonight. Use apples, mullien, or sandalwood incense in rituals tonight for intuitive energy.  The 4th house of self-esteem- values, is in Libra the scales for balance.

I am off this am as usual to take my mother to her worship.  I will answer all emails before starting calls, etc today.  May the fairies dance around each of us today.Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Frankiecapone, Sugar,Apache, Apollo, t