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pelicanchants - Moonzies by Deborah Mills
Tarot Readings and Palm Readings


somehow i managed to lose 8 emails . if you sent an email, and didn’t get an answer please resend. i ‘ve looked in trash but honestly don’t know who or what i’m looking for. lol!! 

Good and bad. Happy and sad, every day is a new page. Skies are blue, there’s me and there’s you, life is like a great huge stage.  Life is full of exciting times, opening door and growing minds, hearts open wide to begin.  Opening up, dancing  life a spin,  a jump and a hop, allowing joy to never stop and then we will see, a love to be in peace and love – deborahmills © 2020

There is changes coming.   Every day we can make a change from what we did yesterday.  A little baby step at a time adds up to becomes a great bit leap into the future, into our dreams, into our hopes and into the love of life.  Start with a thought.  Then make a plan. Design the day to open up the way that you want it to go.  When things seem to go off track, stop, look around, see how it got off plan and then figure out the way to get it back on track toward our dreams.  Dream On Dream big fooDream.

Animal totems:  pelican:   Sister Pelican is a flock animal.   She is one of the largest birds majestic in the sky soaring over the clouds then swooping down, scooping fish up, and scattering them among the flock. Her totem reminds us of kindness and working as a team together while her medicine shares continuing  to be active to reach the goals.

Healthy Hippie Hints:  Milk:   1.  Soak chicken over night in milk or buttermilk to keep moist and tender as we fry, grill, or bake,   Soak the chicken overnight in a covered dish in the refrigerator.   Don’t leave any food out longer than 10 -15 minutes.   2.    Soaking wild meats, such as deer, rabbit, quail, wild turkey in milk overnight, same way, covered in fridge takes some of the “wild” taste. 3.  Drink milk after eating real hot spicy  foods such as with hot chili peppers, etc to settle the stomach  BUT surprisingly enough, if you have an ulcer, or gastric distress, milk is not good.. The lactose and acids will hurt and irritate rather than help  It may sooth the pain for a minute but then it will aggravate more.  5.  It is not really wise to give a stray or our own cat milk.  Be careful to know our animals before giving milk.  6. Taking a milk bath hydrates and radiates the skin.  Especially goat’s milk, great beauties have used this for  years

I am here my usual hours today.  I will return to calls this evening at 5:30 pm central as usual .  may the fairies dance around us all today. Love ya, Me.

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