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Baby pony dances in the edge of the lake, in the sunlight the joy to partake, mane flying in the air, on the green grasses there,  he can see the fairies in the sunbeams as the colors start to stream into the glistening waves of blue, the little pony dances too, and feels the day being with peace and love

Each day we can find a way to start out with peace, love and a sense of faith that good things will come to us, if we pay attention to all of Mother
Earth and her beings.  A horse on the edge of the lake will dance with the waves, finding joy in his moment, while the heron balances on one leg as a yoga pose to find the calmness of being centered.  The trees rooted stand strong with most often the heaviest of winds, and storms.  The ugly bulb that sits in the ground from fall to the early Spring turns into the beautiful tulip, crocus, lilac, to burst with color on the world. And with this moment in time, we can find peace and love

Animal totems:  Pony:   a smaller horse,  pony is sturdy, strong, yet playful.  Gentle, bringing happiness into children’s lives, his totem makes us smile.  His totem reminds us we can be strong and spiritual while being happy  while his medicine shares to find happiness in the small things.
Lady Moon is waning after the Full Moon.  She remains in Capricorn and brings the fun to life with the enthusiasm of the strong summer moons.  Patchouli oil is said to help bring prosperity but also is good to protect us from dark thoughts while in meditation

I am off this morning on Monday as usual I will return at 5:30 as usual.  May the fairies dance around each of us today.Love ya, Me,

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