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Moonzies by Deborah Mills
Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

IMG_1075Book available fro April 30th, 2016!IMG_1071Cd of original writingssoapsgoats milk soapIMG_1067copper braceletIMG_0998watercolorsIMG_0985matted printsdeborahmillsauthorIMG_0942the moonzies experinceIMG_0925flower basketslove speell candle medium sizecandles

DSCN0158housewarming broomsgiftbasketgift baskeets1chakrabraceletchakra braceletsIMG_1009sage


Special this week!  Moonzies Pretty Pads Feet Gift Basket:  Sugar scrub, bath salts, goats milk soap, body lotion, candle. All with Victoria secrets’ version of Love Spell fragrance,  handcrafted slippers, hersey’s kisses, Moonzies Grammee’s Goodies carmel cremes, carnation from Moonzies Grammee’s greenhouse – All charged in the Moonlight, kissed by Venus, to bring magick In our lives.    .  It is not legal to ship wine from Tennessee but there could be room for a bottle of wine if you want to add. – the Perfect gift! – $65.00

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photo (121) write in comment section your choices!!   soaps is a basket of soaps 12 soaps in a basket, write debmills1@gmail.com for more information.

10% of all profits go to American Stroke Association in honor of Deb’s mom – Rebecca!

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