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Friday, July 1, 2016

9:12 AM

When I find myself in trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, whispers words of wisdom, let it be.- George Harrison


No matter how devastating our struggles, disappointments, and troubles are, they are only temporary. Josh McDowell


When you walk through a storm hold your head up high – and don’t be afraid of the dark,  at the end of the storm is a golden sky, and the sweet silver song of a lark – walk on , walk on, with hope in your heart, though your dreams be tossed and blown, walk on , walk on with hope in your heart, and you never walk alone, you never walk alone –  Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein


The rains came.  Great sheets of pouring tears from the heavens sending the cleansing, healing waters of the heavens beating down on gardens, grasses, roads and path.  Caught in the middle of a parking lot, when the heavens opened up, instead of running, we just stood there in the glory of this moment.   How awesome that just when Mother Earth seemed to be drying up, the skies just knew that she needed this nourishment, this healing, this cleansing.   So here we are in our souls.  Dry, cracked, depleted of joy, hope, faith, feeling as if we are being punished for whatever thoughts, feelings, acts we’ve done along our path while seemingly others just keep going in their darkness.   The truth is we care.  We care if we have hurt someone else.  We care if we’ve made a mis-step, or created a situation of hurt.  Realize that just when we feel utterly deserted, the rains will come.  And consider the rains a joy, not another problem to be handled, but will bring the necessary changes to our dreams.


Animal totems:  Duck :  Sister Duck is always associated with rain.  This is because her feathers are coated with an oil that helps the rain, the waters to flow off her back.   Her totem reminds us to hold our head up knowing that the rains come to cleanse, to heal, to bring changes, to nourish.  Her medicine reminds us that nurturing of duck medicine will bring healing.


Lady Moon is Waning Crescent with an illumination of 12%.  She enters into Gemini the Twins, at 7:44 am est.  so be sure to keep from being double-minded.  The 4th house of self-esteem , values is in Taurus the Bull, so be determined , but gentle.  Di Cang, the Chinese God ( means Womb of the Earth) is a god to use in rituals to be released from the hades of our lives.  He helps with releasing the negativity, the beating up of our souls.


I am here my usual hours today.   May the fairies dance around each of us today.  Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Frankiecapone, Sugar,Apache, Apollo, T


I gave the keen customers 2 free minutes .  As well as on Moonzies, my rates are 89 cents less, this weekend if you book at least 15 minutes, I will give 5 more free minutes.   You must book through, or   Check out  There is always something interesting and informative on there for yo. Love ya

happy 4th weekend.  hope all is well and happy days are here for your weekend.  If there are troubles though, my hours this weekend are the same as always including Monday.   at the same low rate I’ve had for years. 


Although I have 2 bachelor’s degrees, a masters, and a doctorate,  I’m 62 years old, been doing “psychic” work since 5, when My father a Wiccan high priest started me at family and friends gatherings, reading with tarot, spirit guides, holding seance’s, doing Native American and Celtic Druid Rituals of desires and honoring of the universe,  I keep my rates low, and email readings are only $1 per question. 


I have studied almost every faith system known to man, and if i dont’ know it will research it so I can help you where you are with who you are and your path.  Life is hard. None of us are without troubles,  but someone who is as old as I am, with the experience, the training and the love that I do can help you through.  Let us.  I know it costs a little money, but our lives are worth it.  And we shouldn’t go through the rough times alone. love and blessings to all, Me,