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Ram Roads – Feb .12.2016

Legend says when you can’t sleep at night , you are awake in someone else’s dream – Moongazing

If you are dreaming of someone, they are dreaming of you. – Edgar Cayce

Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.  ~Edgar Cayce

The old wise woman walks to the river to stand in the sun, Father Sol, to bless her day.  Her night had been filled with many dreams, of wondrous things that to most people would seem impossible to happen.  The ways of the world, with its darkness, the negativity, the harsh “realities” of life, has hardened the hearts of many to forget that there is something more out there, that miracles do happen, that life doesn’t have to be this hard.   She stands to lift her hands to the sky, honoring the powers that be, the Most High, Great Spirit, asking this deity to be reminding that we are weak, we are tired, we cannot continue to stand by ourselves.  Oh, we try, as well, as in the meantime, holding on to the last thread of strength we have, trying to stay spiritual, trying to be positive, trying with every ounce of our being to not give in to fear. Yet, as old wise woman bows her head to the power, to the realization, we are reminded of our own strength is weak.   We must continue to come to the altar, to the river of life, to the One who will lead us on our path to realize the dream.  The dream, the hope, the faith is the gift of the gods that we are given to keep moving toward, we will achieve it, we will receive it.  Dreams are given as answers, as possibilities.  No dream is given that does not have an answer.  All dreams have purpose, have reason, will bring us to the greater good of all.  All dreams are the answer’s to tomorrow questions.

Animal totems:  Ram =   Brother Ram symbolizes new beginnings. Lambs are always the symbol of the Spring equinox, of the new starts, the gentleness that life dreams can come to us.    His medicine reminds us that when the changes come not to try to “ram” into the dream, but to go gentle, softly, securing our dream.  This totem can be quite stubborn as goat, strong, yet sensitive to others as well, keeping good balance as well.

Lady Moon is waxing crescent with the illumination of 20%.  She entered into Aries yesterday the fire element with the 1st house of self with the Aries – the Ram – so the stubbornness and fire may show through in our relationships if we are not careful.  Until mid Feb the 15th, the 5 planets Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars are all in alignment.  Right before dawn we can see these shining, so life should be calmer and quiet.  Mercury; however, enters aquarius tomorrow so things may be a little chaotic in technology.  Palmarosa essential oil builds loyalty, enthusiasm and purpose.

I am here my usual hours today.  May the fairies dance around me today. Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Frankiecapone, Sugar, Apache, Apollo, T and the sweet of Bob and Bets 

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