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Today is the day to learn something new. There is always so much to do.  Open our minds, spend our time in meditation and prayer and we will find our peace and love there – deborahmills © 2020

Today my daily blog will be somewhat different.  This meditation relaxation tool will help to calm anxiety.   Read it outloud to audio video. Then gather family or do by yourself to start to use this time to learn to meditate and yoga.  Or listen to it on my podcast :

 !st yoga pose is the sitting position.  Sit on floor preferably barefooted,  pout left foot on right thigh, cross right leg and foot over left to place right foot as high as you can on your left thigh.  Sit quietly as long as you can.  This mediation in about 12 minutes long.

Hello Deborah Mills here;  during this ti8me of trouble and socialized isolation, it is a good time to learn to meditate and do yoga.  Yoga is a good way to put oxygen through your blood stream and to your brain.  Oxygen helps with  cleansing the blood and keeping us healthy.  Meditation helps with calming and centering ourselves to relax.

I have prepared this relaxation meditation voice audio to help some of you listen center and start your new ideas and thoughts on relaxing.

Sit in the floor yoga style or just cross legged.  You have your trusted dog with you. He is a quiet dog, could be a lab big or a small dog well trained to not yip at everything. You have the choice of your dog. You can lie down but truthfully many fall asleep if they lie.  Close your eyes and start a breathing method of long breaths about 8 count in deeply through your nose and then blow out slowly 8 counts through your nose. Then we will begin:

We are walking along a beautiful graveled path.  The path is glistening with the gravel prismed with the sunlight dancing in many colors We are going into a beautiful lovely forest. The brids are singing, roses fragrant can be smell in the cool Spring breeze blowing.  We can hear the tree leaves green with new growth whisperings uquietly through the air. All outside noises, phones, tv, children, lawn mowers we are no loonger aware of, we simply hear, smell and feels the tall beautiful woods around us   Along the path we find ourselves at the top of a beautiful rose quartz and amethyst stairs.   At the bottom is the river, flowing gently down toward the sea.   We start down the beautiful stairs still taking our long deep breaths, in through the nose,out through the mouth.   Limp, loose, light and relaxed,  10, we step down onto the rose quartz step, there is a loose rose quartz there,  we pick up the gem hold it in our hand looking down, taking a deep breath in,  then breathing out.  9 we step down to the next step, amethyst step, see the loose stone, pick it up hold it up to the sun, being limp, loose, light and relaxed, breath in, breath out,  8, use same words down to 1,

We have reached the botto of the steps to a beautiful open grass spot green, with the blue lasy river gently flowing.  We see a big blue lapis lazuli stone in the warmth of the sun.  We go to sit on the gentle beautiful stone, to look down into the river where Herons stand balanced on one leg, 2 mated swans are floating gently. We hear the birds smell the roses , hear the trees whispering, we smell the roses by the sides.   Our dog is curled at the bottom under our feet.  We feel the warm sun on our face,shou9rlders and arms.  All outside noises are not heard, as we sit on our beautiful blue peaceful rock.  Breathing in through our nose, long deep breath, out of our mouth slow long breaths feeling limp, loose light and relaxed.  10-1..  we can sit there as long as we choose, feeling relaxed, limp, loose,light.   We are heaing whispers of messages from the inner voices,  we can hear a waterfall splashing in the back ground.  As we sit feeling limp,loose, light relaxed we are feeling peaceful.   Then it is time to return.  When we return we will still be calm, limp, loose light relaxed.   We will return much calmer as we start back up our stairs, 10 – limp loose light and relaxed, 9 -1.  As we go each step we pick up a beatufiul white or yellow rose, peace and happiness to put in our home when we return.  We reach the top of the stairs we will come aware of the outside world, totally relaxed, limp, loose and light. 

Have a good day. 

 I am here my usual hours today.  I look forward to being here for each person spirit sends me for concerns.  May the fairies dance around each of us . love ya Me

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