Tarot Readings and Palm Readings


 with the companies under our umbrella want each person to live spiritual, financial, healthy abundant lives.  We, the team, here try hard to find new , exciting ways to help each person come to a balanced lifestyle.

Moonzies offers a 20% offer of the profit on every product to anyone who wants to sign a independent contract with us.

Write me for more information, rules and regulations!

happy days!


Younique: I am still thinking of you and all the issues you are having.  I was thinking about how you love love love nice things, and thought this would be an awesome idea for you.

Look at the startup kit they send out!! I was amazed and thrilled.  love ya bunches



doTerra: after we talked,  I would really like to encourage you to look into building a business under us with these oils.  I know that you need money and you need to work for yourself, through the spiritual level on every aspect, as well as still helping people.  Here is my link, and if you have questions, either myself, or the lady above me will be glad to answer them for you.  You could do this, get people in under you and be quite successful.


Other important links to sites I recommend: – Energy Healer


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