Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

And in the morning, somewhere deep inside Where the dreams and hopes of life reside

We try to run, we try to hide No one near to hear, to confide And we believe.  And in the late late dark night  We go again for dreams of light We struggle with the will to fight And still we try with all our might  To love – deborahmills ©2018

As I sit watching Hallmark Christmas movies, the tears come down.  The miracles, the magick, the power of the Yule time season, with the Yule, The Christmas, the Hanukkah, Ramiden, there is something special as we move into this last season of 2018. So much has happened, changes, good and bad, making way for the upcoming new year. Still we have some days, some weeks left, to continue to grow, use the power, the magick of the spiritual to bring positive light into our lives, and dream. Dream on, dream big, Dream.

Animal totems:  Snowy owl:   White fluffy wise old owl is the symbol of wisdom, details. His totem is one of the ability to shapeshift, to bring changes in our lives.  His totem reminds us to make wise decisions, to see every side of the coin and every view of the situation while his medicine shares with us to be flexible, to fit into the changes in our path.

Lady Moon is Waxing crescent with 4%.  She enters in Virgo with the 10:55 pm est.  today. During the Waxing moon we can draw positive energies into our rituals, lives, and desires.  Use crystal quartz  a feminine hard stone, associated with Hera, this stone magnifies the energies, the power, the magick of drawing positive people.

I am here my usual hours this morning.  May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Frankiecapone, Sugar, Apache, Apollo. t